Method of casting off the evil-eye using Alum and How to get rid of negative energy


1. Importance

Alum is used to congregate and destroy the covering over the Manomaya-kosha. Alum has inherent odour having white gas that can very easily disperse in the atmosphere. This gas very quickly associates with the voids in the atmosphere, attracts the Raja-Tama-predominant waves in them and stores them within for long periods. Since the grossness of the Manomaya-kosha is less than that of the mental body, the Raja-Tama predominant waves that have congregated in the voids can in a short time pull this gas.

When alum is waved around an individual suffering from spiritual distress and subsequently burnt, the Raja-Tama predominant waves emitted as a result congregate and give a peculiar shape to the alum. From this shape, some estimate can be made about the type of negative energy distress.


2. The method of casting off the
evil-eye and how to get rid of negative energy using alum

  • Take the piece of alum preferably medium in size, meaning, a little larger than a betel nut in each hand.
  • Turn the closed fists downwards (facing the ground), cross the forearms and stand in front.
  • Then the individual casting off the evil-eye should wave his/her hands from down to upward direction and from inside to outwards in a circular manner.
  • After casting off the evil-eye alum is burnt on smouldering coal.


3. The process that takes place
during casting off the evil-eye using alum

We have understood how to get rid of negative energy using alum. Now we would see the process that takes place when alum is used.

Alum has an inherent property to congregate the desire-waves of inferior levels and to manifest them through the medium of a definite form when contact with fire is established. Based on the intensity of the evil-eye, alum can attract that portion of the atmosphere around the individual and congregate the respective desire-waves within, and subsequently in the proximity of fire, manifesting in the respective form. Hence, alum takes up a shape as per the type of the evil-eye by which the person is afflicted.


4. The shape of the burnt alum reveals the type of distress

The waves in the Manomaya-kosha are adept in taking up different forms. Thus, through the sound of burning of alum when held over fire, these waves immediately take up some specific form. As a result, what type of evil-eye the person is afflicted by is visible through the shape it acquires, which further helps in analysis.

Shape of the burnt alum Nature of distress
1. Animals or birds The negative energy causing distress through the medium of animals or birds
2. Doll Mantrik making the image of the individual and performing karani on it
3. Face Distress due to ancestors
4. Bone A type of black magic
5. Lemon Karani
6. Skull Distress from a mantrik who is well-versed in Aghori-vidya, distress from negative energies of an inferior level but having strong desires
7. Inability to identify the shape Distress from superior level mantrik that has acquired supernatural powers



5. The reasons for not using alum extensively
for casting off the evil-eye and to get rid of negative energy

Alum has the ability to cast off the evil-eye as well as reveal the type of distress. Yet, it is not used extensively. Since the type of negative energy is revealed in the gross form of alum, there is a possibility of negative energies attacking the individual casting off the evil-eye.

If the individual casting off the evil-eye is performing spiritual practice and has a spiritual level above 50%; only then that individual can fight the negative energies. Hence, alum is not used extensively.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal’

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