Why are we born ?

Objective of living beings – to experience eternal and supreme Anand (Bliss)

Why are we reading this article here setting aside all our chores? Obviously, with the hope that we will learn something and thereby derive some happiness. Most people also experience the truth that, ‘Happiness seems as minute as a grain of barley, while unhappiness seems as huge as a mountain’. In an average person’s life, happiness is 25% and unhappiness is 75%. Every living being, from the smallest insect to the more evolved human being, is constantly in the quest for supreme quality of happiness. However, schools and universities do not teach how to acquire this happiness. Happiness, which is everlasting and has supreme quality, is called Anand. Since most people do not know how to attain this Anand (Bliss), each tries to acquire at least temporary happiness through the five senses, mind and intellect. The science which teaches us how to acquire Anand is termed the science of Spirituality.

Start your Spiritual Journey !

  • The simplest sadhana in Kaliyug is chanting (namajapa)
  • When and where to chant ?
  • Which ‘Name’ should one chant ?
  • Importance of personality defects removal for spiritual progress
  • Ego is a major obstacle in the path of man’s worldly and spiritual happiness
  • How i can start my spirtiual practice ?

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Chanting is the best spiritual practice for Kaliyug

In human life, we generally find that the proportion of sorrow we experience is greater than that of happiness. Nāmajapa (Chanting God’s Name) imparts the ability to endure sorrow. God is ‘SatChit-Anand’ and hence, chanting His Name continuously makes life blissful. Chanting is the best spiritual practice prescribed for Kaliyug (Era of strife) by saints.

Spiritual practice suitable for all

Yajna (Ritual of sacrificial fires), Dan (An offering), Snan (Ritualistic bath), Mantrajapa (Chanting a mantra), etc., can be done only during auspicious times; however, Namajapa is not bound by the restrictions of place and time, purity and impurity (which is normally required for puja, religious worship or related to a birth or death in the family), etc.

Where and When to chant ?

Since God Himself has created time, we cannot say that chanting should not be done at a particular time. We should chant at all times. Chanting while performing daily chores is a superior spiritual practice to sitting in one place and chanting. In the former, continuity of spiritual practice is maintained. Besides, chanting continuously while performing the worldly tasks takes us beyond Maya even though we are surrounded by it. Maintaining communion with God in all circumstances is called Sahajasthiti.’ – Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Which Name should one chant ?

A. Name imparted by the Guru

We can not understand which Name is best suited for our spiritual progress. Only the Guru is capable of guiding on this. Chanting the Name of our favourite Deity involves at least some amount of ego. On the other hand, ego is less while chanting the Name given by the Guru.

B. Chanting the Name of Kuldevata

If we do not come across a true Guru who can tell us which ‘Name’ to chant, then we should chant the Name of the Kuladevata, meaning the Name of the Kuladev or the Kuladevi. Chanting the Name of the Kuladevata and its worship is essential for a seeker in the primary stage.

The Deity chooses each individual to be born in that kula (particular family) whose family deity he needs to worship so as to make spiritual progress. Worship of the family deity also alleviates the intensity of the destiny which accompanies each one till the last breath. Due to these two main reasons, instead of any other spiritual practice, one should worship the kuladevata (family deity) in order to be blessed by a Guru.

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C. Chant the name Datta for protection from the distress caused by dissatisfied deceased ancestors 

In today’s times, since most people do not perform shraddha paksha (these are special rites performed for providing momentum to the departed ancestors), etc., they could face distress from the dissatisfied deceased ancestors. To get protected from this distress, chant the Namajapa ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’.

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Importance of personality defects removal for spiritual progress

Generally personality defects such as anger, irritability, laziness, forgetfulness etc. are common to all; only their proportions vary. A person with personality defects can never merge with God. Personality defects also harm our spiritual practice. Another disadvantage of personality defects is that they facilitate the entry and prolonged stay of demoniacal energies in a person. This is precisely why each of us should make conscious efforts to overcome personality defects.

Ego is a major obstacle in the path of man’s worldly and spiritual happiness

A person with even a fraction of ego cannot realise God. Hence, while performing spiritual practice we have to make wilful efforts to dissolve the ego. Acts like praying, expressing gratitude, physical seva etc. help in reducing the ego.

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A right path for Spiritual practice

Spiritual practice alone can give us the strength to face sorrows in life bravely as also the experience of everlasting Anand (Bliss). Spiritual practice means efforts made for God-realisation. Spiritual practice undertaken for attaining the blessings of the Guru and His continual grace is called ‘Spiritual practice according to Path of Guru’s grace’ (Gurukrupayoga).

Seekers who have practised Spirituality through various paths for several years and not progressed beyond a particular spiritual level yearn to attain the Guru’s grace. On the other hand seekers who have made spiritual progress by the grace of the Guru get spiritual experiences to prove the absolute supremacy of this path.

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