Method of casting off the evil-eye using Lemon


1. Importance

When lemon is used for casting off the evil-eye; the subtle Raja vibrations in gaseous form gain momentum and attract the Raja–Tama covering around the individual towards themselves and congregate them.


2. Lemon to be used for casting off the evil-eye

Always use a plain lemon for casting off the evil-eye and not one that has any lines on it.

The method of identifying the lemon with lines : Such lemons have a distinct line from top to bottom on one side. At times, lines can be seen on both the sides. Lemons that have lines are used for performing black magic; because the intensity of throwing the Raja–Tama-predominant energy into the atmosphere is greater in these lemons than plain lemons.


3. Method of casting off the evil-eye

  • Hold a lemon in each hand and wave them in a circular manner from the legs to the head in a clockwise direction.
  • These lemons are then burnt on coal or immersed in flowing water.

Why is burning of the lemons preferable to their immersion in flowing water?

When the lemons are immersed in flowing water, it takes a while for the vibrations in the lemons to mix with water, and in the interim period, negative energy can make use of this energy to perform black magic on some other person. On the other hand, when they are burnt the Raja–Tama predominant vibrations are destroyed swiftly.


4. How to identify the extent of being afflicted by the evil-eye?

4 A. The gross effects seen based on the intensity
of the affliction by evil-eye when the lemon is immersed in water

Greater the intensity of affliction by evil-eye, greater is the time taken for the Raja-Tamacomponents in it to mix with water, thus prolonging the time taken by the lemon to immediately flow with water.

Intensity of the evil-eye Gross effect on the lemon
1. Not afflicted by the evil-eye The lemon immediately sinks in water
2. Mild The lemon immediately flows with water
3. Medium The lemon keeps revolving in water
4. Intense Since the lemon is charged with Raja-Tama waves, it floats at a place and does not move forward

4 B. Gross effects seen based on intensity of
affliction by evil-eye, when the lemon is burnt

Intensity of the evil-eye Gross effect on the lemon
1. Not afflicted by evil-eye The lemon immediately burns without making any sound
2. Mild The lemon generates sound and burns in the first attempt
3. Medium Even after burning, the lemon has wrinkles and keeps emitting foul odour
4. Intense Various effects such as emission of violet smoke, lemon not burning immediately; if the negative energy is very strong, then the lemon burning with a loud noise and the flame of the fire becoming unsteady etc.
Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal’

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