Method of protection from evil-eye using salt and mustard seeds


1. Introduction

Substances used for protection from evil-eye should have the capacity to attract Raja–Tama-predominant waves, congregate them and eliminate them; only then will the casting off become effective. Preferably, casting off the evil-eye is done using mustard seeds-salt, salt-red chillies (dry), mustard seeds-salt-red chillies, lemon and coconut. On most occasions, combination of two substances is used to increase the speed of the act. Due to their inherent characteristics, mustard seeds, salt, red chillies and coconut display capacity to congregate and hold Raja–Tama-predominant waves; hence, these substances are preferably used.


2. Combination of salt and mustard seeds

When the evil-eye is cast off using salt and mustard seeds, the Raja-Tama covering on the body is drawn with the help of salt, and it congregates in the mustard seeds with the help of swiftly moving waves within the mustard seeds. Later, it is destroyed in the fire. As the covering on the gross body is removed upon casting off the evil-eye, the body becomes light and numbness of the body too reduces.


3. Casting off the evil-eye using salt and mustard seeds


  • Mix salt and mustard seeds, with salt in a comparatively greater proportion.
  • Take a pinch of this mixture of salt and mustard seeds using all the fingers with both the hands and then make a fist.
  • Turn the closed fists downwards (facing the ground), cross the forearms and stand in front.
  • Then the individual casting off the evil-eye should wave his/her hands from down to upward direction and from inside to outwards in a circular manner.
  • After completion of the casting off process, the salt and mustard seeds are to be burnt on smouldering coal.


4. Importance of using salt

Dry salt has the propensity to congregate the Raja-Tama components with the help of Vāyū (Absolute Air Principle). On the other hand, dissolved salt is more useful for establishing contact. A humid field that is present within salt is very potent in attracting the Raja-Tama-predominant black covering on the body towards itself. Through the process of waving both the hands while holding salt in the fists, Raja predominant waves are activated. The contact with these waves in turn activates the humid field within salt, which then draws the Raja-Tamacovering around the body of the person and keeps it congregated or trapped in the humid field within itself. Subsequently, when this humid field comes into contact with fire, it is destroyed; thus facilitating the disintegration of the Raja-Tama predominant waves. In the process of protection from evil-eye, the humid field within the salt helps in collective transportation of the Raja-Tama predominant waves up to the point of disintegration.

Why is rock salt preferred over common salt?

  • The chemical process that common salt is subjected to reduces its ability to absorb negative vibrations when compared with rock salt.
  • Since rock salt is in crystal form, it has greater capacity to hold the negative vibrations when compared with common salt.


5. Importance of Fire

Just as fire is conducive to disintegration, it also activates the energy that has congregated in the respective places. Therefore, the black waves attracted by salt and mustard seeds become mobile with the contact of fire and then are destroyed by the Tej in the fire. At that time, depending upon the severity of the black energy, foul odour is emitted.

On contact with fire, salt and mustard seeds immediately give up the covering of the black energy that they have drawn.


6. How to judge the intensity of the evil-eye?

The foul odour emitted as per the intensity of the evil-eye

When not afflicted by evil-eye : If an individual is not afflicted by evil-eye, then it is only the burning smell of salt and mustard seeds. It is without any foul odour.

When the effect of evil-eye is mild : At times there is absolutely no foul odour because Raja-Tama predominant vibrations attracted by the salt and mustard seeds are negligible and hence, gets destroyed in the fire very quickly. As a result, the severe foul odour that has been generated in case of intense effect of the evil-eye and experienced at the gross level is not generated and the severity of the foul odour is very minimal. This is mild effect of evil-eye.

When the effect of evil-eye is severe : When the foul odour is strong, the effect of the evil-eye is said to be severe.

As explained in the point above, when not afflicted by evil-eye, no foul odour will be experienced on burning of salt and mustard seeds. This is interpreted as the individual is not suffering from spiritual distress. However, if the gross symptoms of the distress still persist, then it means that the evil-eye has not been cast off and the process of protection from evil-eye should be repeated at hourly intervals. If the evil-eye is not cast off even then, the substances of the next level (for example coconut) should be used. After all these efforts if the evil-eye is still not cast off, then consult a spiritually evolved individual. Perform whatever spiritual healing he recommends.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal’

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  1. Hello,
    I am confused to make this work for protection from injury, any person who may have evil intentions which
    is better to use Rock salt or regular salt? I need a strong method that is not to diffcullt to do. Since I am a beginner on a budget. Thank You.

  2. The salt did not burn, infact it became more white than before. What can be the reason for this? This means evil-eye is there or not there at all?

  3. What if am the one being affected by this evil eye ? Can’t I carry out the ritual myself? And how do I do this considering the process you just explained.

    • Namaskar,

      Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to inform you that currently we do not have videos on ‘Remedies of casting off evil eye’. If we prepare them in the near future, we will surely inform about it to you.

  4. Hello. I am a bit confused.
    1) Who is the one who has the salt in the hands?
    2) How many times must the movements be done?
    3) is there words to be repeated while cleaning?

    Thank you very much!

    • Namaste Deepak ji,

      You have raised some good queries.

      1. The person who will be performing the ritual of casting off the evil-eye (nazar) will hold the salt, chilli, and/or mustard seeds or other items used to cast off the evil-eye. The person afflicted with the evil-eye will sit as shown with their empty palms facing upwards.

      The answers to your second and third questions are detailed in ‘Casting off the Evil-eye – Nazar Utarna (Evil-eye Protection)’ which you can read here –

      We hope that helps. Please feel free to reach out to us with any further queries.

      Warm regards,
      Sanatan Sanstha

  5. Thank you very much for all the information. After reading the new link i have another two questions with which I am sure you will be able to iluminate me:

    1) How can Vibhuti (Holy ash) be made in case we are not in India so we are not near holy places, etc. Is it possible to used the ashed from a Yagna o havan?
    2) both hands must be moved clockwise? in the picture it seems the cross each other.
    Thank you very much!

    • Namaste

      1. Yes, you can use the ashes from a Yajna or even the ash from Agnihotra.

      2. If a coconut is being used to remove the evil-eye, then the hands are moved in a clockwise direction.
      If other items like salt, chillies, mustard, etc. are being used, then one hand moves in the clockwise direction, while the other moves in an anticlockwise direction (from inside to outside, and from bottom to top and back down in a circular motion) and again they become crossed.

      Warm regards,
      Sanatan Sanstha


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