Evil eye meaning and Process of getting afflicted by evil eye


Evil eye meaning

Adverse effect of Raja–Tama-predominant desires of one person on another is termed as ‘affliction by evil-eye’

1. Evil eye meaning : Instances of getting affected by evil eye

1 A. A child getting afflicted by evil-eye is one such example. When some people see a smiling and healthy child, they unknowingly get some desire related thoughts. Desirous thoughts are Raja–Tama-predominant. The subtle-body of a child is very sensitive and hence, gets afflicted adversely by these Raja–Tama-predominant waves, meaning, the child gets afflicted by evil-eye.

1 B. Sometimes an individual or a negative energy gets bad thoughts about an individual, animal or an object or feels envious of their success. The negative vibrations generated affect the individual, animal or object. This is termed as ‘being afflicted by evil-eye’.

If proportion of intense jealousy or thoughts charged with hatred in the mind of a person against another person is above 30%, then that person can cause severe affliction by evil-eye on the other person. In this process of being afflicted by evil-eye, the proportion of distress felt by the other person is more at the psychological level than at the physical level. This is termed as ‘to be severely afflicted by evil eye at the subtle-level’.

1 C. When a ritual like karani (Black magic) is performed with intention of causing distress to another individual through the medium of an individual who performs Aghori vidya (Aghoris are a sect which worship Deity Shiva and perform black magic), then too that individual gets afflicted by evil-eye.


Special characteristics of karani

1)‘Karani is performed with a specific aim in mind.

2) In case of getting afflicted by evil-eye the severity of the evil intentions is up to 30%; however, while performing karani this severity exceeds 30% and takes a vicious form.

3) When the vibrations of evil-eye become active in the form of distress exceeding 30%, they get transformed into a karani-like state.’

1 D. An individual feeling distressed due to the black (distressing) energy released by negative energies is also termed as ‘the person is afflicted by evil-eye of the negative energies’.

2. Evil eye meaning : Process of getting afflicted by evil eye at the subtle-level

Following picture is based on subtle-knowledge depicting the subtle-process involved when an individual is afflicted by evil-eye of another individual


1.Distressing vibrations in the picture: 3%’ – His Holiness Dr. Athavale

2. Proportion of vibrations in the picture based on subtle-knowledge: Black energy 3.25%

3. Other aspects

  • The desire-oriented waves generated in an individual about another individual are transmitted to that individual and an evil-eye is cast on that individual. The Raja–Tama-predominant and desire-oriented flow is transmitted from an individual and attacks the gross body, vital body, mental body (desire-body) and causal body of the other individual, resulting in the formation of a covering around the individual. There is visible effect of these aspects on that individual, resulting in the individual suffering from various types of distress.
  • An evil-eye can be cast on anyone – an individual, an animal, plants and inanimate objects.
Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text on ‘Spiritual science underlying affliction by the evil-eye and its removal’

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