Mayureshwar from Morgaon : The most blissful place on the earth

Shri Mayureshwar, Morgaon

1. Description of Morgaon region being
eternal, on record in the Vedas and Purans

River Karha was created with fall of water from the water pot of Deity Brahma onto the earth. The ancient place of pilgrimage, Mayureshwar, situated on the banks of this river, is famous for the Morgaon Ganapati in Pune District and is eternal. When dissolution of the universe occurs, Kailash, Swarga (Heaven), Kashi and other places of pilgrimage get destroyed however this region remains intact as per description in all the Vedas (Scriptures received directly from God) and Purans (The eighteen sacred Holy texts compiled by Sage Vyas).

2. Deities Surya (Sun), Vishnu, Divine Energy (Shakti)
and Shiva standing in all four directions praise Shri Ganesh and
Mayureshwar being a place which helps in attaining Deity Brahma

Despite being a place on the earth, Morgaon is holier and more powerful than Swargalok (Heaven). In fact it is even superior to Deity Brahma. It is also known as as Swananda lok or Bhuswanand Kshetra. Mayureshwar of Morgaon is the most bliss imparting place on the earth which keeps control over the nature. The four Deities – Surya, Vishnu, Shakti and Shiva who perform worship are present next to the entrance of Bhuswanand Kshetra. These four Deities standing in the four directions praise Shri Ganesh in Morgaon. The four doors in the east, west, north and south are controlled by Deities Vishnu, Shakti, Surya and Shiva respectively. Rugveda describes the greatness of this place. Mayureshwar is a region which helps in attaining Deity Brahma. It is the root of all places of pilgrimage present on the surface of the earth. Energy of Shri Ganesh in Morgaon bestows benefits. Even today all Deities reside here in a subtle form. If pilgrimage of just the entrances of this place is made even then the benefit of performing pilgrimages of all the holy places and all four pursuits are attained by the devotees.

3. For the Ganesh sect, Morgaon is a
place of pilgrimage equivalent to Kashi !

The benefit reaped by visiting Morgaon, place of pilgrimage, is eternal and one is never deprived of it. One who dies here will attain Moksha (Final Liberation) directly. Since Shri Ganesh created this place of pilgrimage with His own wish and for His pastime, it is omnipotent and in complete root form. A mere vision of the Idol or chanting in the premises bestows Kaivalya Mukti (Final Liberation). This is considered as the Kashi of the Ganesh sect (Ganpatya sect).

4. Idol of Shri Ganesh being called as Moreshwar Ganapati
on Shri Ganesh ascending a peacock after being pleased

Shri Ganesh gave vision to all Deities on Monday at this place. The Ganesh Idol was installed in the temple on the 4th day of bright fortnight of Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapad. Shri Ganesh was pleased on Magh Shukla Chaturthi. At that time He was seated on a peacock; hence this Idol is called Mayureshwar Ganapati. Earlier this region had a thick population of peacocks hence it is famous as Mayureshwar. Shri Ganesh bestowed the energy and powers to the above mentioned four Deities to create the universe.

5. Shri Nagnaraj Bhairav is the guard of Shri Ganesh and Skanda Puran having a mention of this region bearing vast amount of energy

Shri Nagnaraj Bhairav continuously protects this region and it is He who decides whether the merit of taking darshan of this place has to be imparted to the devotee or not. He is able to identify who is worthy or not worthy to come close to Gajanan. This region is beyond the command of Yamaraj (Deity of death). If a devotee comits any mistake after coming to this place of pilgrimage then he has to suffer distress for few years. Skanda Puran mentions that this region has high concentration of energy.

6. The Holy text ‘Shri Ganesh Vijay’
written by H.H. Yogindra Maharaj mentioning the
history and spiritual significance of the Mayuresh region
and the Mudgal Puran too having a reference to this place of pilgrimage

Mere vision of this Ganesh Idol expiates ones sins committed elsewhere. Physical sins too are wiped out in the Mayuresh region. Even if the sin committed is grave then no sooner do you set foot here and worship Mayuresh than the effect of the sins starts getting reduced. The Holy text Shriganesh Vijay written by H.H. Yogindra Maharaj describes the history and spiritual significance of the Mayuresh region. A mention of this region also exists in the Mudgal Puran. During the period of solar eclipse, if mantras of Ganesh are chanted seated on the bank of river Karha then those mantras becomes ready for use. If avartans (Recitations) of Ganesh Atharvashirsha are performed in this temple then the entire Atharvashirsha too can become ready for use. One should definitely visit this self-materialized Swananda region on the earth to pay obeisance to Shri Ganesh. Experience the bliss there. This is the only place on the earth which is capable of granting all the four pursuits of the soul – Dharma (Righteousness), artha (Wealth), kama (Desire fulfilment) and Moksha.

7. To derive benefit from Shri Ganesh Principle
perform ritualistic worship as per spiritual Principles !

When performing ritualistic worship of the Ganesh Idol, apply gandha (Sandalwood paste) to it using the tip of the ring finger. Light the incense sticks containing fragrances of sandalwood, Kevda (Screwpine) or Chameli (Jasmine) in the temple. Apply attar (Scent) of henna, offer durva and hibiscus flowers to Shri Ganesh. Circumambulate the temple 8 times or in multiples of 8. Recite the mantra Shri Ganeshay Namaha. One should plead befor Shri Ganesh with spirititual emotion for receiving His grace and obtaining spiritual strength in oneself.

–  Prof. Shrikant Bhat, Akola (11.9.2015)

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