Eighteen-armed Shri Ganesh idol of Ramtek

The ancient idol of Shri Ganesh bearing eighteen arms from Ramtek (District Nagpur), a place which has become sacred due to the presence of Prabhu Shri Ramachandra

विदर्भाचे भूषण । रामटेक हे श्रद्धास्थान ।
त्या रामक्षेत्री सुंदर । अठराभुजा गजानन ।
पंचफण्यांचा शिरावर । नाग सावली करीत असे ।
कंठ भूषण नागाचे । नागपट्टी ही कटीचे ।

Ramtek is a place of pilgrimage in Nagpur District, which has been sanctified with the holy presence of Prabhu Shriramachandra. Situated near the base of the fort is the Shaivalya mountain on which the temple of Ganesh bearing eighteen arms is located. Shaivalya mountain is the place where Sage Shambuk lived. The culture of Vidyadhar prevailed on this mountain. Mastery in18 subjects borne by Vidyadhar can be observed in the eighteen armed Ganapati.

In this temple, situated at the base of the Ramtek fort, there resides this very ancient Ganesh idol, 4.5 to 5 feet in height with eighteen arms and built from marble stone. This is one of the eight Ganesh idols in Vidarbha. Its sixteen arms wield weapons such as a goad, noose, khatwang (Long studded club), trident, axe etc and one hand holds a modak and the other a pen made from peacock feather. The trunk of this idol is coiled facing up and down. A serpent with five hoods lies on the head of the eighteen armed Ganesh, also there is one around the neck and one on the waist as a band.

This idol more than 500 years old is not only an attraction of Vidarbha but also that of entire Maharashtra. In the Shastrapuran, due to its 18 supernatural powers the eighteen armed Ganapati is worshipped as Vighneshwar.

Mahaganapati is seated in the middle of the temple with Riddhi and Siddhi to His left.

Let us pray wholeheartedly to the eighteen armed idol of Shri Ganesh in Ramtek (Nagpur District) to establish Hindu nation soon.

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