Producing Audio and Video CDs and documentaries that provide education on Dharma and guidance on spiritual practice

Audio CDs

Under the guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale, Audio CDs on ‘Spiritual practice’, ‘Clarification of doubts on spiritual practice’, ‘Appropriate method of chanting the Names of Deities’, Aratis (A ritual of waving a lit lamp in front of a Deity or Saint, accompanied by singing of hymns),  etc. have been produced.


Video CDs

1. Video CDs on ‘Dharmasatsang series’ for TV channels

Under the guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale, ‘Dharmasatsang series’ titled ‘Spiritual practice for God-realisation’ (164 parts) and the ‘Science underlying religious rituals’ (206 parts) have been created for TV channels. These were telecast on 3 national channels and by over 100 local cable operators.

2. Video CDs on interviews with various Saints,
importance of pilgrimage places, spiritual research etc.

Under the valuable guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale today, the process of producing thousands of Video CDs on interviews with various Saints who have visited Sanatan’s Ashrams, other Saints, importance of thoughts and conduct in the Hindu Dharma and culture, spiritual significance of pilgrimage places in Bharat, temples, hermitages of Saints, samadhis of Saints, significance of historical places etc. and related spiritual research , spiritual remedies on distress due to negative energies etc. is going on.


Making documentaries that create awareness
on awakening the society, Nation and Dharma

Under the guidance of Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale, documentaries on ‘Respecting the National flag’, ‘Harmful effects of fire-crackers’, ‘Do’s and don’ts during Ganeshotsav ’ etc. have been made. These documentaries are available on :



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