Words of praise by Sanatan’s Saints about the pictures depicting Balakbhav

Mrs. Uma Ravichandran’s pictures depicting Balakbhav exhibit the spiritual qualities of immense bhav (Spiritual emotion), faith etc. in the 3-year old girl. In this article, we will read how Sanatan’s saints have praised these pictures. After reading this, we will learn the significance of having bhav while practicing spirituality.

1. Words of praise by H.H. Dr Jayant Athavale (Sanatan’s source of inspiration)

1 A. Pictures in balakbhav drawn by Mrs Uma are examples of awakening of brilliance due to spiritual practice

‘Mrs Uma, the lady-seeker from Chennai (India) who performs spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha, has been drawing pictures on ‘Worship of Shrikrushna through the medium of balakbhav’ for the last two months. She is fond of drawing and singing; however, she has not taken any formal training in drawing. Despite this, she is drawing pictures. This is a fine example of awakening of brilliance in a seeker after his/her spiritual level increases through determined spiritual practice. One more aspect comes to the fore, that the brilliance of an individual is awakened through the art form which he/she is fond of. The brilliance of gopis (Milkmaid devotees of Shrikrushna) performing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha is also awakened and hence, they are writing, conversing and composing instant poetry in such a rich language which will put to shame even an accomplished author or one who has command over the language.’ – H.H. Dr Athavale (11.9.2012)

1 B. While looking at the picture of the girl accompanying Shrikrushna and depicting balakbhav, H.H. Dr Athavale too had the spiritual experience that He was fearless and happy like her

‘While looking at the girl accompanying Shrikrushna in the following pictures depicting balakbhav, I felt greater closeness to them.
A. The small girl is swinging sitting on the lap of Shrikrushna.
B. Shrikrushna is feeding the small girl rice with curd.
C. The small girl is taking shelter behind the pitambar worn by Shrikrushna while facing a difficult situation or giving a discourse.
D. The small girl is participating in the Holy war under the leadership of Shrikrushna and the seekers are standing in the namaskar posture in the place of Arjun.
E. Shrikrushna has lifted the lady-seeker.

I did not know why I was feeling so close to these pictures. Today, the answer suddenly dawned on me. Since the girl considers Shrikrushna to be her father, she is fearless and in a state of Anand. Precisely on the same lines, I am sure that Shrikrushna will protect the seekers, establish the Hindu Nation in the entire world and uplift the society and the Nation. Hence, I too am fearless and in a state of Anand like the small girl.’ – H.H.Dr. Jayant Athavale (14.9.2012)

1 C. H.H. Dr Athavale advises that since Mrs Uma is always in communion with Shrikrushna while drawing the pictures depicting balakbhav, it is a kind of meditation in a wakeful state

‘On 15.9.2012, a video-shooting of Mrs Uma while drawing a picture depicting balakbhav was done. While looking at her, I felt as if I was going into a meditative state. On this aspect, H.H. Dr Athavale said that since she is always in communion with Shrikrushna, it was in a way meditation in a wakeful state and hence, we get the spiritual experience of going into a meditative state .

1 D. H.H. Dr Athavale has said that all the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, the vibrations of bhav are 8%

H.H. Dr Athavale has said that in the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, the vibrations of bhav are 8%. Now I understand that since she has bhav she draws bhav depicting eyes and face of Shrikrushna first. Since the eyes and the face express bhav more clearly than other parts of the body, the action of drawing the eyes and the face first gets done automatically by her. This is precisely the reason why all her pictures are replete with Divine beauty. (Bhav in an ordinary individual is 0%. In today’s Kaliyug, the vibrations of bhav in a picture can be a maximum of 10%. – Compiler)

1 E. While praising Mrs Uma, H.H. Dr Athavale said, ‘Since she has kshatrabhav besides other types of bhav, she can perform the samashti task with equal yearning’.

– H.H. (Mrs) Anjali Gadgil, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (16.9.2012)

2. Words of praise by various Saints of Sanatan

2 A. H.H. (Mr.) Rajendra Shinde (Sanatan’s 6th saint)

2 A 1. Since pictures drawn by Mrs Uma depicting balakbhav awaken bhav, seekers have saved them on their computers and mobile phones, and make efforts for awakening bhav by looking at them

‘Mrs Uma has drawn many pictures depicting balakbhav. Upon looking at them, bhav of many seekers is awakened. Many seekers in the Ashram have saved these pictures on their computers and mobile phones. While making efforts to awaken bhav at other times or while praying, they look at these pictures. Seekers who do not perform seva on computers keep photocopies of these pictures (published in ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’) with them. Her pictures are the best medium for awakening bhav.

2 A 2. Awareness of guilt feeling is created in seekers upon looking at the picture in which a small girl is holding her ears and seeking forgiveness from Shrikrushna

In one of the pictures, a small girl is holding her ears and seeking forgiveness from Shrikrushna. (To look at it, do click here) Some seekers look at this picture and then seek forgiveness. Seekers perceive that upon looking at this picture, a guilt feeling is created in them and the forgiveness is automatically sought with earnestness.’ – H.H.(Mr.) Rajendra Shinde, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel, Maharashtra. (20.3.2013)

2 B. H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil (Sanatan’s 10th saint)

2 B 1. Realising the importance of performing acts while being in communion with God since they get done with ease, perfectly and teach various spiritual aspects

‘The following aspects are noticed from the pictures depicting bhav drawn by Mrs Uma.

A. Since gopis Trupti Gawade, Deepali Matkar and Vrushali Kumbhar are always in a state of gopibhav (Spiritual emotion akin to that of the gopis who were supreme devotees of Shrikrushṇa), they could easily perform acts such as writing poetry, giving lectures (for guidance on Spirituality), writing articles etc., which they had never performed earlier. Now they feel that nothing is impossible; for, they have faith that Shrikrushna will get everything done through them. So is the case with Mrs Uma. She could draw beautiful pictures in a state of bhav.

B. Since God only gets various acts performed through the gopis, they are performed to perfection. Similarly, Mrs Uma’s pictures depicting balakbhav are also drawn to perfection because every line in the picture has a spiritual foundation. No one can draw pictures with such nuances by using the intellect; simply because the intellect will not be able to understand the underlying cause-effect relationship. Since there has been no preplanning in the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, and since it is Shrikrushna Himself who has got the pictures drawn through her, He revealed many facets present in them.

C. I realised many spiritual aspects from the pictures depicting balakbhav drawn by Mrs Uma. In Spirituality, we get the spiritual experience first and then understand its underlying science. The same has happened in respect of her pictures. From the above mentioned aspects, we understand the importance of bhav. If we perform any action or seva with immense bhav, every time God will teach us new aspects from it; because, knowledge is infinite. Even if we perform the same seva daily, then daily God will teach us new aspects from it. This is known as ‘Sanatan’, meaning one that is ‘ever new’. – H.H. (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Pictures depicting Balakbhav (Part 2) (Pictures of Shrikrushna that provide messages on Dharma)’
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