Spiritual experiences of gopis upon seeing the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma

Let’s understand what the gopis (Milkmaid devotees of Bhagawan Shrikrushna) have to say on the pictures of Mrs Uma that depict Balakbhav (Childlike spiritual emotion). Gopis already have intense bhav unto Shrikrishna. So, their observations on these bhav-enriching pictures are a good learning for those who wish to awaken the Divine bhav in their hearts unto the Omniscient Shrikrushna.

1. While seeing the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma depicting balakbhav Shrikrushna took us on a tour of the picturesque world of bhav (Spiritual emotion)

‘Pictures drawn by Mrs Uma depicting balakbhav were published in ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ of 12.9.2012. Upon seeing them, we were overwhelmed with Anand, and Shrikrushna took me into the world of balakbhav. He would take us to every picture and let us experience the bhav in the respective picture. Upon seeing the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, we felt, ’Since childhood, it is God who has taken care of us and given us Anand. To get that Anand again and to create awareness among ourselves that God is with us, Shrikrushna has exhibited Mrs Uma’s bhav unto Shrikrushna in the pictures.

2. By enhancing the awareness that Shrikrushna
Himself is the doer, obtaining Anand of Shrikrushna’s leela

One significant aspect that emerges from the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma is that we do nothing. Everything is done by God. He has done everything so far and continues to do even now. Shrikrushna is our mother as well as father. More than us, it is the Guru who knows better what we want, what we do not want, how we will progress spiritually and who will go ahead in which direction. We should surrender unto Him, pray with earnestness and obtain Anand from His leela. If we have yearning, God will certainly help us. Even to increase our yearning we have to surrender unto God.’

– Gopi Trupti Gawade, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (13.9.2012)

3. Perception that Mrs Uma’s intense balakbhav
is overflowing from her inner self in the form of pictures

‘Upon looking at the pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, I felt that her intense balakbhav is overflowing from her inner self in the form of pictures, and infact Shrikrushna Himself has drawn the bhav-enriched pictures through the medium of Mrs Uma to teach balakbhav to the society. Due to this bhav, I could experience the Anand-bestowing leela of God. Since Mrs Uma’s mind has experienced the Anand in devotion unto Shrikrushna, the same bhav and Anand are reflected in her pictures.’ – Gopi Deepali Matkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

4. Pictures that pull us out of stress and depression and bestow Anand of Shrikrushna every moment

‘While performing every act during the day, Mrs Uma transforms into a small girl and remains in constant communion with Shrikrushna; Shrikrushna on His part performs every act for her Himself. With individual acts, while performing samashti seva too she remains in a state of balakbhav and obtains Anand from Shrikrushna every moment. If anyone is in tension or depressed, these pictures will help in overcoming the state and obtain Anand.’ – Gopi Vrushali Kumbhar, Sanatan Ashram, Goa. (13.9.2012)

5. Lady-seekers experienced themselves in place of Mrs Uma in the picture

5 A. It is due to Mrs Uma’s samashti bhav
that everyone could experience bhav unto Shrikrushna

‘Due to Mrs Uma’s pure bhav, everyone feels that ‘I am the beautiful bhav-enriched child gopi’. Due to Mrs Uma’s balakbhav, the awareness dawns that ‘The father in the form of Shrikrushna is Himself doing so much for me’, & everyone is enjoying the same bhav and Anand. Waves of intense balakbhav emanating from her heart bestow the samashti with the sweetness of Anand in Shrikrushna’s devotion. Through the pictures that give the spiritual experience of the soul, the bhav-enriched lovable child-gopi and the leela of the father of the world (Shrikrushna) are experienced by everyone because of Mrs Uma’s bhav. I feel she has become light in weight like a child and there is no heaviness in her body. Due to the Anand and bhav, her body is also floating in the Anand of devotion unto Shrikrushna like her inner self. Due to the waves, I was also experiencing Anand.’ – Gopi Deepali Matkar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

5 B. Experiencing the self in the picture and enjoying Anand through the picture

‘Everyone (Seekers with bhav) experienced that it was he/she in place of the child in the picture and obtained Anand. How God takes care of us, gives Anand and helps when we have bhav could be experienced.’ – Gopi Trupti Gawade, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (13.9.2012)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Pictures depicting Balakbhav (Part 2) (Pictures of Shriikrushna that provide messages on Dharma)’
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