Spiritual experience that every seva is being performed by the grace of Shrikrushna (Part 3)

7. Performing the seva of wiping perspiration of Shrikrushna


7 A. Special features of the picture

1. Lady-seeker exhibiting balakbhav (Childlike spiritual emoton) is not only experiencing Anand herself, but also shares the Anand with other components of the environment

‘In this picture, the centre of the chariot’s wheel has a design of Anand-bestowing flower, which means the wheels are also experiencing Anand because Paramatma (Supreme Soul / God) Himself (in the form of Shrikrushna) is driving the chariot. The design of the flower tucked in the hair by the lady-seeker, the flower on the wheel and the flower on the ornaments of the horse is similar. Hence, it seems the ladyseeker, the chariot & the horses in the picture are sharing each other’s Anand along with the flowers.

2. The picture is so powerful that though the horses are drawn partially, the bhav (Spiritual emotion) on the faces of the horses reflects on the mind of the observer automatically

The picture is so powerful that though the horses are drawn partially, the bhav on the faces of the horses reflects on the mind of the observer automatically. If the message the artist wants to convey is clear through some specific sketches that may be incomplete, it is not necessary to complete the sketches merely for the sake of completing the picture. The lady-seeker has done precisely this and has stayed away from thinking at the psychological level. This shows that God does not waste His energy in doing something unnecessarily.

3. The implied meaning of the picture with a butterfly drawn on the carpet in the chariot is that the chariot driven by Shrikrushna is certainly going to fly

The lady-seeker has shown the picture of a butterfly on the carpet under Shrikrushna’s Holy feet. Through this picture the lady-seeker highlights that the chariot which is driven by Shrikrushna, that is, God Himself, is certainly going to move swiftly. The lady-seeker has also not forgotten to clarify through the sketch of a butterfly that even after the chariot picks up speed, she will not be frightened; in fact, she will get the same Anand as a butterfly gets when it flies.’

– H.H. (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (12.9.2012)

(‘Many nuances are noticed in every picture, such as the lady-seeker exhibiting balakbhav is standing on her toes to wipe the perspiration on Shrikrushna’s neck.’ – Dr Athavale)

8. Awakening of kshatrabhav and holding a sword


8 A. H.H. Dr Athavale mentioning the kshatrabhav in a ladyseeker

‘While in Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram, H.H. Dr Athavale (Sanatan’s source of inspiration) once said to me, “A lady-seeker dreamt that Shrikrushna has presented 4 saris to her and placed a sword on them”. Subsequently, I thought about the implied meaning of this sentence of H.H. Dr Athavale. It was then, that I got the inspiration to draw this picture.

8 B. Since kshatrabhav is the need of the present
times, Shrikrushna gave a sword and taught us how to use it

Whatever be our bhav unto God, be it balakbhav, gopibhav or Radhabhav, kshatrabhav is essential as per the present times. Hence, Shrikrushna is giving me a sword and patiently teaching me how to use it. Though the sword is like a feather in my tiny hands, it is as powerful as lightning. Now, I face difficult situations with the sword given by God.’

– Mrs Uma Ravichandran, Chennai. (23.9.2012, 10.45 p.m.)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Pictures depicting Balakbhav (Part 2) (Pictures of Shrikrushṇa that provide messages on Dharma)’
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