Characteristics perceived by Sanatan’s seeker-artists about pictures drawn by Mrs Uma and associated spiritual experiences

In this article, we will read what seeker-artists from Sanatan Sanstha observed and learnt from the distinctive and bhav (Spiritual emotion)-enriching pictures drawn by Mrs. Uma Ravichandran when she was in the state of Balakbhav (Childlike spiritual emotion).

1. Ms Priyanka Vijay Lotlikar
(Diploma in Commercial Arts from Raheja School of Arts, Mumbai)

1 A. Pictures drawn as per modern art are difficult
to understand & cause distress; whereas, when bhav in a seeker-artist increases,
God Himself creates art in the seeker-artist and his/her subsequent pictures awaken bhav

‘If the pictures drawn by an artist impart Anand and are understood easily by those who see them, then the output of the picture is greater. The pictures drawn as per modern art that are being drawn in today’s times are difficult to understand, and since they cause distress, we do not feel like looking at them. After a seeker-artist begins to perform spiritual practice, the bhav for God increases progressively. Then God Himself creates the talent of art in him. The seeker-artist actually sees God and draws a picture accordingly. As a result, others experience Anand from the picture and their bhav too gets awakened. The pictures drawn by Mrs Uma, who has attained spiritual level of 61%, bestow Anand on others and engrosses them in devotion unto Shrikrushna.’ – Ms Priyanka Vijay Lotlikar, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (10.9.2012)

2. Mrs Janhavi Ramesh Shinde
(Diploma in Commercial Arts from Sophia College of Applied Arts, Mumbai)

2 A. Pictures depicting balakbhav are
spiritually lovable and give the experience of a child’s purity

‘The distinctive feature of pictures drawn by Mrs Uma is her balakbhav unto Shrikrushna. Since she has expressed her balakbhav with intense bhav and skill through her pictures, immense Anand and bhav are perceived through them. Like a child, every picture she has drawn appears pure. Gopis use the word ‘madhur’ (Sweet) to describe Shrikrushna and H.H. Dr Athavale (Sanatan’s source of inspiration). There is a strong urge to describe pictures drawn by Mrs Uma in a similar manner. Every picture drawn by her is spiritually lovable.

2 B. The subject of the picture is Shrikrushna and the artist too is
Shrikrushna; as a result the pictures are drenched with Shrikrushna consciousness

Vibrations experienced from a picture mainly depend on the subject of the picture, the artist’s objective and skills. Mrs Uma has intense bhav for Shrikrushna. She feels ‘He is the one and only doer’, meaning, her ego is low & she has no sense of doership. In this case, the subject is Shrikrushna and the artist too is Shrikrushna. As a result, the pictures are excellent and their effect lasts a long time on our mind.

2 C. Special features of the pictures
depicting bhav that will put to shame even a professional artist

We came to know from Mrs Uma that the pictures she has drawn now are after 25 to 30 years. Last she drew was when she was in school. However, upon seeing the meticulousness with which these pictures have been drawn, it is hard to believe this. The pictures appear to have been drawn by a professional artist. They have many spiritual characteristics. Even from the artistic perspective, the pictures are extremely elegant and they have many features of good pictures.

2 C 1. Spontaneity

Despite the fact that she has not had any professional training in drawing, she could express any given subject through the medium of pictures. While presenting a subject, she did not face any problem of indecisiveness about the angle from which the picture should be drawn. She drew spontaneously.

2 C 2. Completion of a picture in a short time

She took approximately half an hour to complete every picture, and with difficult pictures she took 45 minutes. A professional artist takes almost the same time.

2 C 3. Change in subject only when needed

Countenance (expressions of the face) and physique of Shrikrushna as well as the girl remain the same in all her pictures. Only the gesticulations and expressions have changed as per the subject.

2 D. Expressions of Shrikrushna and the girl as per the subject

Since Mrs Uma has a bhav that Shrikrushna is her parent and she is His child, the physique and expressions on the countenance of Shrikrushna are like those of a father; whereas, the bhav of the girl is sometimes naughty and sometimes innocent as per the subject of the picture.

In each picture, the expressions on Shrikrushna’s countenance are different and they change according to the subject; for example, while the girl is seeking forgiveness, there is sternness and paternal love.

2 D 1. Spontaneous expression of bhav according to the rule of ‘image and its reflection’

The expressions on Shrikrushna’s countenance are the same as would appear on the countenance of parents when their daughter is praised in a felicitation programme for having attained 61% spiritual level. (While drawing the picture, Mrs Uma’s bhav was also the same. What bhav should appear in the picture is not predetermined. It is spontaneous as per the rule of ‘image and its reflection’. – Compiler)

2 D 2. Precise picturization of a personality

Mrs Uma has drawn pictures of not only Shrikrushna, but of H.H. Dr Athavale and Pujya Satyawan Kadam (Sanatan’s 5th Saint) also with utmost precision.

2 D 3. Expression of the state of bhav

The pictures drawn by her in the initial stages depict the girl and Shrikrushna playing, dancing etc. Her later pictures depict various stages of bhav experienced by her; for example, bhav of guilt, bhav of gratitude, bhav of surrender etc.

2 D 4. Expressing the efforts made in spiritual practice in picture form

She has expressed her prayers, efforts made for spiritual progress such as mental worship, seeking forgiveness etc. in picture form.

2 E. Art that demonstrates various virtues

Her pictures demonstrate her virtues such as power of observation, inclination towards perfection, bhav unto seva, bhav of a disciple etc.’

– Mrs Janhavi Ramesh Shinde, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (11.9.2012)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Pictures depicting Balakbhav (Part 2) (Pictures of Shrikrushṇa that provide messages on Dharma)’
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