Shriram chant

Various forms of worship such as puja (Ritualistic worship), arati etc. bestow benefit of Deity’s Principle. However, since all these have their limitations, the benefit is also limited. For continuous benefit from the Deity’s Principle, the worship of the Deity should also be continuous, and there is only one such form of worship – chanting. In the Kaliyug (Era of strife), this is an easy and excellent form of worship.


Chant of Shriram’s name

‘श्रीराम जय राम जय जय राम’ (Shriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram)

Shriram – Chant



The words in this mantra are explained ahead, Shriram : This is invoking Shriram. Jai Ram : This denotes praise. Jai Jai Ram : Like Namaha (I surrender unto you), this signifies surrender.


Shriram Chant-strip Shriram Chant-strip


Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text, ‘Shrivishnu, Shriram and Shrikrushna’

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