Spiritual remedies to be performed if subtle negative energy covering has been formed on one’s face

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Negative energies create distressing (black) covering around the face of the seekers to take control of their five sense organs. Due to this, various types of distresses such as blackish appearance of the face, edge of the face appearing blurred, burning sensation in the eyes, appearance of rashes on the face, appearance of black spots on the face, face looking dull or fatigued etc. are observed. The distressful covering formed on the face of the seekers indicate attack by the negative energies from the Hell region on their face. To eliminate this distress, seekers can adopt below gross measures to perform spiritual remedy on their face.

Miss Madhura Bhosale

1. Take 1 or 3/4th teaspoon full of Sanatan manufactured utane (Fragrant herbal powder, which is applied to the body before bath) in a bowl.

2. Mix half teaspoon coconut oil to it.

3. Mix half teaspoon cow’s (of Indian breed) urine to it.

4. Crush a small tablet of camphor by fingers and add the camphor powder to the bowl.

5. Mix the above ingredients with the fingers to create a uniform paste.

6. Splash some water on the face and then apply the above paste to the entire face.

7. After applying the paste, pray to the Deity of worship or to Shrikrushna to eliminate the covering created by distressing energies completely.

8. Wash the face with clean water after 3 to 5 minutes.

One should perform the spiritual remedy using utane as mentioned above till the time one feels better, for 2 to 3 weeks. With the help of this spiritual remedy, the distressful covering on the face gets eliminated completely and one’s mind feels light, cheerful and happy. The spiritual remedy for face as given above can also be used for removing negative covering formed on the Kundalini chakras within the body.


I have been doing this spiritual remedy suggested by God’s grace, for the last 3-4 months. This remedy has benefited me a lot and I pray gratitude unto the holy feet of Shri Guru for giving me this spiritual remedy.

– Miss Madhura Bosale (Spiritual level 63%) (Knowledge obtained through subtle), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (31.3.2022)

Negative energies

Both benevolent and negative energies are active in the environment. Benevolent energies assist human beings in good deeds and on contrary negative energies cause distress to human beings. There are various stories in our Holy texts regarding the obstructions caused by demons in the sacrificial fires by the Sages during ancient times. In Atharvaveda, there are various mentions of mantras for preventing negative energies e.g., demons, spirits of deceased persons etc., as well as black magic. Various spiritual remedies have been mentioned in Holy texts such as Vedas for eliminating the distress caused by negative energies.

Spiritual distress

This indicates presence of negative vibrations in an individual. Presence of negative vibrations in an individual to an extent of 50% or more indicates severe distress, negative vibrations in proportion of 30 to 49% indicates medium distress and less than 30% indicates low spiritual distress. Reasons for spiritual distress at spiritual level are destiny, distress caused due to deceased ancestors’ souls etc. Diagnosis of spiritual distress can be done by Saints or by seekers who are capable of perceiving subtle vibrations.

Spiritual experiences given above are based on the principle, ‘Where there is spiritual emotion, God is present there’ and are seeker’s individual experiences. It is not necessary that everyone gets the same spiritual experiences – Compiler.

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