Nyas and Mudra performed mentally are also beneficial

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Information regarding spiritual remedies for the seekers

Sadguru Rajendra Shinde

‘Sanatan’s saints, seekers with spiritual level of 60% and above and other seekers find which healing chant can act as a spiritual remedy on their physical, psychological, and spiritual distress through the method of Pranashakti (Chetana) flow system. In this method, obstructions in the flow of Kundalini energy are found and as a spiritual remedy, nyas is performed using mudra (Hand gesture) at those places where obstructions were observed. If the spiritual remedy is to be performed for few hours, then our hands may start paining. Old, unwell seekers or seekers with physical distress are unable to perform mudra and nyas in this manner. In such case, instead of performing the mudra and nyas at the specific places physically, one should do it mentally.’  – (Sadguru) Rajendra Shinde, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel.

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