Using incense sticks (agarbatti) to remove the subtle negative distressing energy covering

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A subtle distressing covering is formed around us due to distress by negative energies. It is necessary to regularly remove this covering. Removing the distressing covering reduces the spiritual distress to some extent. The following method of removing this distressing covering using Sanatan’s sattvik incense sticks (agarbatti) was being shared by seeker Mrs. Anjali Ajay Joshi, and has been enhanced with suggestions from Sadguru Dr Mukul Gadgil. – Dr Ajay Joshi

1. How to wave the agarbatti around oneself ?

Dr Ajay Joshi

An unlit sattvik agarbatti (like that of Sanatan’s) should be used for removing the distressing energy covering. Move the agarbatti 3 times in a clockwise direction and 3 times in an anti-clockwise direction around the Kundalini chakra from where the distressing energy covering needs to be removed. Hold the agarbatti 3-4 centimetres away from the body. You can hold it vertically or horizontally as per your convenience.

2. Kundalini chakra from where the negative covering is to be removed and the associated chant to be repeated

Chakra Chant to be repeated while moving the incense stick
1. Sahasrar Om
2. Ajnya chakra (note 1) Shri Gurave Namah |
3. Vishuddha chakra Om Namah Shivay |
4. Anahat chakra (note 2) Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya |
5. Manipur chakra Shri Brahmadevaya Namaha |
6. Swadhisthan chakra Shri Durgadevyai Namaha |
7. Muladhar chakra Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha |

Note 1 : Keep your eyes open while removing the distressing energy covering from the Ajnya chakra so that the distressing energy covering from the eyes also gets removed.

Note 2 : After moving the agarbatti over the Anahat chakra, also move the agarbatti over the stomach while chanting the Name ‘श्री पञ्चमहाभूतेभ्यो नमः । (Shri Panchamahabhutebhyo Namaha |)’.

After the above process, remove the distressing energy covering from head to the toes 3 times. While doing so, move the agarbatti from head to the toes in a straight line 3 times while simultaneously chanting ‘सच्चिदानंद परब्रह्म (Sachchidananda Parabrahman)’.

3. Benefits of removing the distressing energy covering

It only takes 2-3 minutes to remove the distressing energy covering using an agarbatti. It has been observed that this method is highly effective in quickly eliminating the distressing energy covering around most seekers. Seekers feel light and energetic and experience bliss after this healing remedy. Even a seeker with extreme spiritual distress experienced a reduction in distress after using this healing remedy.

4. Healing others using this method

You can also use this agarbatti method to remove the distressing energy covering on others too. If the other seeker is not physically present, then think of the seeker’s name and perform the remedy using an agarbatti on your own chakras as if you are performing the remedy on that seeker.

5. Factors to be taken care of while removing the distressing energy covering

5A. One should be in the state of spiritual emotion while removing the distressing energy covering.

5B. Once the agarbatti has been used for the remedy, it should be wrapped in plastic and placed in a Holy text published by Sanatan for charging it with positive energy.

5C. Regularly replace the agarbatti with a new one.

5D. Depending upon the severity of the distress, remove the distressing energy covering with this method every hour or when needed.

6. Why is an unlit agarbatti used?

Mrs. Anjali Joshi had been using a lit agarbatti for removing the distressing energy covering for 2 years. When I conveyed this method to few seekers having extreme spiritual distress, their distressing energy covering was reduced by 20 to 30% through this method. I discussed this method with Sadguru Dr Mukul Gadgil, and He suggested an experiment comparing the extent to which the distress is reduced while using a lit and an unlit agarbatti. The distressing energy covering around a seeker with extreme spiritual distress was reduced by 30% when a lit agarbatti was used. When they used an unlit agarbatti, they observed that their distressing energy covering reduced by up to 35%. In addition, few seekers felt positive vibrations at their Ajnya chakra after they used an unlit agarbatti. This made me realise that since an unlit agarbatti functions at nirgun (Non-materialised) level, it is more effective in removing the distressing energy covering. I also learnt that if seekers discover any new aspect related to spiritual practice and seek guidance on it from the evolved seekers, those aspects can be enhanced to derive more benefit.

Shri Guru Himself has got the efforts undertaken from us towards the removal of distressing energy covering. With the objective of benefiting the society, He gave me the guidance on how one should study. Only by His grace I could write this article. For this, I express gratitude unto the Holy feet of Sachchidananda Parabrahman Dr Athavale.

– Dr Ajay Joshi (Veterinarian) (Spiritual level 68%, Age 66 years), Dhavali, Phonda, Goa (19.6.2022)

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