How to reduce negative energy from objects?

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(Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil

Once Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal noticed distressful vibrations emitting from the saree she was supposed to wear for a Yajna (sacrificial fire). (Negative energies frequently attack those who perform spiritual practice for the spread of spirituality and hence their belongings get charged with distressful vibrations.). She handed over the saree to me for removal of distressful vibrations through spiritual remedy. When I held the saree in my hand to perform spiritual remedy, God gave me a thought that rather than placing the palm on the saree, I should perform the spiritual remedy by keeping my palm before the edges of the saree. If an object emits positive or distressful vibrations, they are maximally emitted from the edges of the object. Therefore, if the spiritual remedy is performed on the edges of the object, it will be much more effective. After realising this aspect, I performed the spiritual remedy on the saree accordingly and indeed its effect was quite rapid.

After I placed my palm 1-2 centimetres away from the collective edges of the folded saree and meditated for 5 minutes, the emission of distressful vibrations from the saree stopped. Thereafter, it was noticed that the positive vibrations started emitting from the saree and this was even proved by the UAS (Universal Aura Scanner) readings (which have been reproduced below).

Shrisatshakti (Mrs.) Binda Singbal’s saree Negative energy aura (Meters) Positive energy Aura (Meters)
Infrared energy Ultraviolet energy
1. Prior to spiritual remedy 16.70 11.12 5.04
2. Post spiritual remedy 0 0 17.64

Thereafter, one more spiritual aspect was revealed. If the covering of distressful energies is removed from the edges of the object using one’s fists, then the covering gets eliminated rapidly. Thereafter if we place our palm before the edges of that object and perform spiritual remedy, it gets charged with positive vibrations quite quickly.’

– (Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Goa (18.5.2023)

Negative energies

Both benevolent and negative energies are active in the environment. Benevolent energies assist human beings in good deeds and on contrary negative energies cause distress to human beings. There are various stories in our Holy texts regarding the obstructions caused by demons in the sacrificial fires by the Sages during ancient times. In Atharvaveda, there are various mentions of mantras for preventing negative energies e.g., demons, spirits of deceased persons etc., as well as black magic. Various spiritual remedies have been mentioned in Holy texts such as Vedas for eliminating the distress caused by negative energies.

Reference : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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