Duration of use of the articles provided for spiritual remedies

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Currently, the intensity of adversities has increased. This has resulted in increased spiritual distress of seekers. With the objective of reducing the spiritual distress of the seekers, Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale has imparted His Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) by making available various articles for spiritual remedies to the seekers. Duration for which these articles should be used for spiritual remedy is given ahead.

1. Articles of spiritual remedy are given to the seekers with extreme spiritual distress. Using these articles continuously can cause covering of distressing energy to be created on them as well as cause wear and tear of these articles. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them with new articles.

2. Articles such as clothes used by Saints, Their handwritten papers, wrappers of medicines, sacred ash given by Them etc. should be used, in general, for 2 years. Piece of a tile from Saint’s room can be used for 5 years. Once this period has elapsed, the articles should be immersed in water or disposed in fire, and one should make a request for new articles for spiritual remedy to the responsible seekers. If any article gets deteriorated within 2 years of use or is attacked by negative energies, then such article should be immersed immediately.

3. If the articles used for spiritual remedy are in good physical condition even after 2 years, then can be charged and used again. Any of the following methods can be adopted for recharging the articles used for spiritual remedy – keeping the articles in the vicinity of Deities, keeping them in sun, placing the articles within the protective sheath of sattvik Name-strip of Deities, charging them using incense sticks etc. One should wash the clothes used by Saints, before placing them for charging.

4. Once the articles are charged, they appear pleasant to our eyes. Also, they feel lighter after holding them in the hands. After smelling these articles, breathing does not get obstructed, and one can breathe freely. In this way one can recognise if the articles have been charged.

– Miss Kalyani Gangan, Ramnathi Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa

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