How to chant the Name of Shri Ambadevi ?

Shri Ambadevi

The varied forms of Devi are worshipped as the Family Deity (kuladevi). Before we try to understand how to chant the Name of Shri Ambadevi let us learn something about Her.

Special features of Shri Ambadevi

Deity Shri Amba is associated with Deity Shiva. The maternal form of the Primal Energy (Adishakti) Parvati is called Amba or Ambabhavani. Her forms and Names are infinite. Her temple exists on the Girnar mountain. Her self-arisen (swayambhu) form exists at Kaundinyapur also known as Amravati, in Vidarbha District of Maharashtra.

How to chant the Name of the saviour (tarak) form of Shri Ambadevi

As ‘Shri Ambadevyai namaha’ is a chant associated with the saviour form of Deity Amba prolong uttering of ‘ba’ from Amba. Thus, you beckon the Deity earnestly and this facilitates speedy awakening of spiritual emotion (bhav). Let us now listen to the chant of Shri Ambadevi…….


A saviour or destroyer (marak) chant of the Devi is one associated with that respective form of Hers. More details on this topic are available on the link ‘chanting’.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘Introduction to Spirituality ‘

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