Importance of donating after having darshan (viewing) in a Devalay (Temple)

We all go to the temple in order to have darshan of the Deity and receive blessings. By following the guidelines given to us in our shastras, we can derive maximum Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) from the darshan. After having darshan we should offer donation to the Devalay. In the following article we can see the importance of donating in a Devalay.


1. Donating to a Devalay means
proceeding towards detachment at
the level of vyashti sadhana and contributing
to growth of Dharma at the level of samashti sadhana.

Offering of donations in a Devalay by an individual amounts to giving up attachment at the vyashti sadhana(Individual spiritual practice that benefits only the seeker undertaking it) level and assimilating divinity, that is, detachment. Since the individual’s attachment is related to the gross energy, the scriptures say that donations should be in the form of gross objects like wealth, coconut etc. Devalay is a constituent that provides Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) to the society and preserves it in the society. Since donating in a Devalay is as good as contributing to its growth, the individual unknowingly becomes involved in the samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality). It reaches the next stage in samashti sadhana and thus gets involved in the Divine cause of enhancing the growth of Dharma. – A Knowledgeable One (Through the medium of Mr. Nishad Deshmukh, Vaishakh Shukla 1 [6th May 2008], 4.36 p.m.)


2. Effect of Pradakshina
(Circumambulation) and darshan of the Deity
as compared with donating money on an individual

Pradakshina (Circumambulation) and darshan of the Deity creating Chaitanya in the individual and taking it to a state of completeness in the peace of mind; whereas, donating money being associated with the peace of the chitta (Subconscious mind), the individual being taken to the next level.

The two aspects of pradakshina and darshan of the Deity mainly create divinity, that is, Chaitanya in the individual and provide it with complete prosperity (meaning, peace of mind). Donating money is associated with imbibing of detachment effortlessly, that is, associated with acquiring of peace of chitta.


3. An object offered to a Deity should not be thrown

An object offered to a Deity should not be thrown at the Deity; instead it should be offered at the Deity’s Holy feet.

Some people throw the objects to be offered from a distance (for example flowers, money etc.) at the Deity. Their intention is that their offerings fall at the feet of the Deity; but this is incorrect. If someone throws a thing at us which he wants to give us, will we like it ? For the beggar not to feel insulted, we place the money in his hand; then, will God like it if we throw objects at Him ? An object being offered to a Deity should not be thrown at Him; instead it should be placed at the Holy feet. If the Idol is at a distance, then with the bhav (Spiritual emotion) that ‘You are offering it at the Holy feet of the Deity’, place the object to be offered in the plate placed in front of the Deity.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text ‘How should one have Darshan in a Temple’?

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