Rangolis that attract and emit Shriram tattva

Draw sattvik rangolis that attract and emit Shriram tattva (Principle) at home or in the temple, before worshipping Shriram and on Ramnavami. Fill sattvik colours such as pale yellow, blue or pink in it. Due to such rangolis, Shriram tattva is attracted and emitted into the environment. Therefore, the environment is charged with Shriram tattva and the devotees benefit from it. Two examples of such rangolis are given ahead.

Rangoli that provides Chaitanya (18 dots : 2 lines)


Rangoli that provides Anand (11 dots : 11 lines)


Shriram tattva Marak Rangoli (12 dots : 12 lines)


Shriram tattva Tarak Rangoli (12 dots : 12 lines)

Reference : Sanatan’s Booklet ‘Sattvik Rangoli’

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