Autosuggestion framing tips

Points to be kept in mind
while framing the auto-suggestions

A. Framing of auto-suggestions should be easy, short and with appropriate use of words. The auto-suggestion in technique 3 (Rehearsing a situation) should have approximately 8-10 sentences.

B. Do not use negative words such as no, not, do not want, etc. when framing the auto-suggestion.

Inappropriate auto-suggestion : When my wife asks me to switch off the TV and join for the dinner, I will not get angry with her.

Correct auto-suggestion : Whenever I get angry with my wife for asking me to switch off the TV and join for the dinner, I will realize that my wife is telling me this because it is a good habit to have dinner at right time, hence, I will calmly switch off the TV and join for the dinner.

C. The auto-suggestion should not be in the past tense. In auto-suggestion techniques 1 & 2, auto-suggestions should be in the present tense, while in technique 3, they should be in the present continuous tense.

D. In the auto-suggestion, refer to yourself as I, my, myself,mine etc., not our, we etc.

E. Frame auto-suggestions based on the incident and to the point.

Inappropriate auto-suggestion : Whenever I am performing a task untidily, I will become aware of it and perform it tidily.

Appropriate auto-suggestion : Whenever I am keeping my slippers in an untidy manner, I will become aware of my PD of untidiness and will place my slippers tidily.

F. To prevent repeating a mistake, it is essential to give the mind the appropriate perspective. Including the appropriate perspective in the auto-suggestion proves to be helpful.

Common auto-suggestion : Whenever I am stuffing my clothes in cupboard in an untidy manner, I will become aware of it and fold the clothes and keep them tidily in the cupboard.

Auto-suggestion with appropriate perspective : Whenever I am stuffing the clothes in my cupboard in an untidy manner, I will become aware of the fact that ‘I want to become an ideal person and role model for my children’ and will fold the clothes and keep them tidily in the cupboard.

G. Include only one PD in one auto-suggestion; for example, whenever an individual does not do his/her work properly, it could be because of two personality defects – lack of concentration and lack of seriousness in the work. At such times, frame the auto-suggestion with one of the two personality defects.


Why should the auto-
suggestion on progress be given and how ?

There is a possibility of getting depressed due toconstant awareness of personality defects through auto-suggestions.To prevent this, auto-suggestion on the progress that hastaken place as a result is given. This increases the enthusiasmand encourages the mind to overcome personality defects.

A. When to give the auto-
suggestion on progress and for how long ?

Before beginning auto-suggestion session,give the auto-suggestion for progress only once.

B. Example of auto-suggestion for progress

Reduction in the personality defect : Whenever Mr. Amit was asked by his elders to perform household chores, he would refuse due to his PD of laziness. After giving auto-suggestion on this PD for two weeks, he promptly started attending to what his elders would tell him to do. This proves that there was reduction in his PD of laziness; accordingly, the auto-suggestion for progress can be given in the following way.

Auto-suggestion for progress : Earlier, due to laziness I would not like to run errands for elders. In the past two weeks, after giving the auto-suggestion to overcome laziness, I have been prompt in running errands for them. This is my progress. If I give auto-suggestions regularly in this manner, my other personality defects will be eliminated as well; hence, I will give auto-suggestions regularly.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text Overcome personality defects for a blissful life’

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