Auto-suggestion Techniques

Personality defect removal (PDR) means getting rid of one’s personality defects.The process of personality defect removal is a specific process, methodically and consistently implemented to overcome personality defects. Giving auto-suggestions to our mind is one of the important aspects of PDR process.


1. What is an auto-suggestion ?

Auto-suggestions are suggestions to the subconscious mind to substitute wrong actions, thoughts or reactions with appropriate actions, thoughts or reactions. To explain in simple terminology, auto-suggestions are suggestions to the subconscious mind to behave appropriately and correctly. Making the mind understand the view accepted by it very affectionately is an auto-suggestion. Here, the individual gives the appropriate suggestion through the conscious mind to the subconscious mind as needed.

Suppose you wake up late in the morning because of the PD of laziness, then other chores get delayed. You are delayed in going to the office and this irritates you. To avoid this, you need to overcome the PD of laziness. For this,you need to tell your mind that ‘When my alarm rings in the morning I will wake up at once’. Saying this to the mind consistently is known as an auto-suggestion.


2. Technique 1 : Awareness about
the wrong actions and control over them

A. Utility of the auto-suggestion technique

With the help of the auto-suggestion in this technique, the individual becomes aware of wrong thoughts, emotions or actions and is able to control them.

B. Framing of the auto-suggestion

‘When due to the personality defect of ___ I will ___ (act / think / react), I will become aware of it and I will realize the importance of doing___ /thinking___ and I will ___ (act) or think___’

C. Personality defects that can be
overcome through the auto-suggestion technique

Using the auto-suggestion technique,the following personality defects and wrong actions can be overcome – Lack of concentration, impatience, carelessness,untidiness, unpunctuality, laziness, being over analytical, selfishness, indecisiveness, immoral behaviour, being egoistic, arrogance, day-dreaming, suspiciousness, etc.

D. Example of auto-suggestion

Incident : On returning home from office, Mr. Amit flung his office-bag on the bed.

Personality defect : Untidiness

Auto-suggestion : On returning home from office, when I am about to fling my office-bag onto the bed, I will become aware of it (my action) and with the thought that my office bag is the Deity of knowledge itself, I will place it properly in the shelf.


3. Technique 2 : Right response

A. Utility of this auto-suggestion technique

In various incidents an individual reacts in a certain manner or a reaction arises in his/her mind. Incorrect reactions are due to personality defects, while the right ones are due to virtues. By taking the auto-suggestions continuously for some weeks, wrong reactions in the mind are substituted by the right ones; at the same time, the sanskars (Subconscious impressions) of personality defects reduce and that of virtues is created in the subconscious mind, resulting in a positive change in the personality of the individual.

In incidents that last for less than a minute or two, to get the correct thought in place of the incorrect one, the following auto-suggestion technique is used.

B. Framing the auto-suggestion

‘Whenever during … I do this/think … I will realize importance of performing the right action/having the right thought, and I will perform …’

C. Personality defects that
can be overcome with this technique

Critical attitude, irritable, short-temperedness, quarrelsome, unremorseful, stubbornness, suspiciousness etc.

D. Example of auto-suggestion

Incident : Mr. Amit had heavy workload in the office and returned home late in the night. He had not informed his wife that he would be late in returning and when his wife questioned him about where he had been, he replied to her rudely.

Personality defect : Short-tempered and arrogance

Auto-suggestion : When I reach home late and get angry when my wife asks me where I had been, I will realize that she is questioning me for my own good, because she is concerned about me. Therefore, I will politely reply that I was busy in the office due to heavy workload.


4. Technique 3 : Rehearsing a situation

A. Utility of this auto-suggestion technique

In this technique,a person steadies his mind by chanting for some time,then he rehearses mentally how to face a difficult situation successfully. As a result, he faces the actual situation with confidence and without any stress.

In this auto-suggestion, the individual has to be positive in his imagination, or imagine that whatever he expects is happening. While giving auto-suggestion in this manner, even if things do not happen practically as imagined, the mind becomes strong to face any situation.

The last sentence of the auto-suggestion should more or less be thus – Whatever I was anxious about, has not happened;hence, I will be more confident next time.

This technique is used for overcoming wrong reactions in incidents that last more than a minute or two.

B. Personality defects that
can be overcome with this auto-suggestion technique

Personality defects such as anxiety about taking up responsibility of any new work, fear of interviews,conversation, making presentations, etc.

C. Examples of auto-suggestions

Incident : Mr. Amit is scared of delivering a presentation on a new topic to a large audience at a conference he has to attend on coming Monday.

Personality defect : Fear

Auto-suggestion : Mr. Amit should rehearse the following auto-suggestion in his mind – My presentation is scheduled for Monday. I am fully prepared for it. I am revising by going through the points very calmly. I am confident that I will be able to answer any question asked by the audience, satisfactorily. I reach the conference venue on time. I am called to the dais to make the presentation. I am sitting on my seat very calmly with my eyes closed. The anchor asks me to start my presentation. I am able to explain all the points mentioned in my presentation in the proper flow. All the questions asked by the audience are easy. I am able to explain them satisfactorily. The time limit for the presentation comes to an end. I return home and tell my family that I have delivered a very good presentation and it was liked by everyone. My self-confidence has grown. I will relax and prepare for the next day. Thinking thus, I fall asleep.


5. Technique 4 : Creating
awareness about chanting God’s Name

A. Utility of this auto-suggestion technique

When chanting of God’s Name goes on in the mind continuously, pessimistic or useless thoughts do not come to the mind. This auto-suggestionis useful in being able to chant continuously. Upon commencement of the PDR efforts, this auto-suggestion should be given for one month after the normal auto-suggestions; then it can be stopped. After some time, should the need arise, give it again.

B. Auto-suggestion

Whenever I am not talking with someone or when unwanted thoughts come to my mind, my chanting will commence.


6. Technique 5 : Punishing yourself
when there is no reduction in personality defect

A. Utility of this auto-suggestion technique

In some individuals, the seriousness to overcome personality defects is less, they do not feel upset on making mistakes etc. Despite giving auto-suggestions for 3-4 weeks they keep repeating mistakes or reacting incorrectly to a situation. If you notice this in yourself, punish yourself in a manner that the subconscious mind becomes aware of the defects and seriousness is created about the PDR process. In this context, punishments such as pinching yourself hard, not seeing TV programme, etc. should be taken.

B. Framing of the auto-suggestion

Due to the personality defect of … when I … (action) / a thought/emotion that …appears in my mind, I will become aware that I have to punish myself and I will punish myself by …

C. Examples of auto-suggestions

Incident : During a serious official meeting at the workplace, Mr. Amit is thinking of enjoying on the beach in the evening.

Personality defect : Day-dreaming

Auto-suggestion : During the office meeting when I am day-dreaming about how I will enjoy on the beach in the evening, I will become aware that I have to punish myself and will pinch myself hard.


7. Points to be kept in mind
while framing the auto-suggestions

A. Framing of auto-suggestions should be easy, short and with appropriate use of words. The auto-suggestion in technique 3 (Rehearsing a situation) should have approximately 8-10 sentences.

B. Do not use negative words such as no, not, do not want, etc. when framing the auto-suggestion.

Inappropriate auto-suggestion : When my wife asks me to switch off the TV and join for the dinner, I will not get angry with her.

Correct auto-suggestion : Whenever I get angry with my wife for asking me to switch off the TV and join for the dinner, I will realize that my wife is telling me this because it is a good habit to have dinner at right time, hence, I will calmly switch off the TV and join for the dinner.

C. The auto-suggestion should not be in the past tense. In auto-suggestion techniques 1 & 2, auto-suggestions should be in the present tense, while in technique 3, they should be in the present continuous tense.

D. In the auto-suggestion, refer to yourself as I, my, myself,mine etc., not our, we etc.

E. Frame auto-suggestions based on the incident and to the point.

Inappropriate auto-suggestion : Whenever I am performing a task untidily, I will become aware of it and perform it tidily.

Appropriate auto-suggestion : Whenever I am keeping my slippers in an untidy manner, I will become aware of my PD of untidiness and will place my slippers tidily.

F. To prevent repeating a mistake, it is essential to give the mind the appropriate perspective. Including the appropriate perspective in the auto-suggestion proves to be helpful.

Common auto-suggestion : Whenever I am stuffing my clothes in cupboard in an untidy manner, I will become aware of it and fold the clothes and keep them tidily in the cupboard.

Auto-suggestion with appropriate perspective : Whenever I am stuffing the clothes in my cupboard in an untidy manner, I will become aware of the fact that ‘I want to become an ideal person and role model for my children’ and will fold the clothes and keep them tidily in the cupboard.

G. Include only one PD in one auto-suggestion; for example, whenever an individual does not do his/her work properly, it could be because of two personality defects – lack of concentration and lack of seriousness in the work. At such times, frame the auto-suggestion with one of the two personality defects.


8. Why should the auto-
suggestion on progress be given and how ?

There is a possibility of getting depressed due toconstant awareness of personality defects through auto-suggestions.To prevent this, auto-suggestion on the progress that hastaken place as a result is given. This increases the enthusiasmand encourages the mind to overcome personality defects.

A. When to give the auto-
suggestion on progress and for how long ?

Before beginning auto-suggestion session,give the auto-suggestion for progress only once.

B. Example of auto-suggestion for progress

Reduction in the personality defect : Whenever Mr. Amit was asked by his elders to perform household chores, he would refuse due to his PD of laziness. After giving auto-suggestion on this PD for two weeks, he promptly started attending to what his elders would tell him to do. This proves that there was reduction in his PD of laziness; accordingly, the auto-suggestion for progress can be given in the following way.

Auto-suggestion for progress : Earlier, due to laziness I would not like to run errands for elders. In the past two weeks, after giving the auto-suggestion to overcome laziness, I have been prompt in running errands for them. This is my progress. If I give auto-suggestions regularly in this manner, my other personality defects will be eliminated as well; hence, I will give auto-suggestions regularly.

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text Overcome personality defects for a blissful life’

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