Be grateful to those who point out your mistakes !

H. H. Pande Maharaj

We feel bad when someone points out our mistakes; however, we become aware of our personality defects because of this, and get an opportunity to improve ourselves to avoid repeating mistakes in the future. Therefore, we should offer gratitude to such individuals and pay obeisance to them in our mind.

We should treat the individual who points out our mistakes as our real friend. He loves us truly ! When we comprehend that God only manifested through his medium and educated us for our spiritual progress, we will start progressing spiritually in earnest.
– Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Parasharam Pande Maharaj (Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel, Maharashtra)

Starting on the ‘Personality Defect Removal Process’

To begin the personality defect removal process, try and write mistakes you become aware of or mistakes someone else may tell you for about 7 to 10 days. By writing our mistakes we are in fact collecting data about ourselves so that we can further analyse our personality. Initially the awareness about where we are going wrong is very less or there is no awareness at all, so we can take the help of others. After about 10 days we will get an idea of what mistakes are reoccurring and this helps us understand what to work on.

Source: Fortnightly English Sanatan Prabhat

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