Personality Defects – role of Negative energies and the Mind

Everyone praises an ideal person whether in the office, in the society or at home. To make our behaviour ideal, it is necessary to develop virtues in ourselves. Even God likes virtuous people; because they are happy and also make others happy. Personality defects make our life unhappy and depressing. Let us understand how presence of personality defects increase the possibility of distress caused by negative energies and also the role of our mind in the context of personality defects.


Why do people with more personality
defects suffer from negative energies distress ?

A. Attracting negative energies due to the personality defects

Negative energies are in a way unfavourable energies. Personality defects are also unfavourable for man. According to the principle that ‘Unfavourable aspects attract each other’, negative energies are attracted to a personality defect, which causes distress to the individuals.

B. Due to personality defects it becomes
easy for negative energies to trouble an individual

If the personality defects are more in adults or children, it becomes easy for negative energies to create a place in their bodies. After creating a centre in the body, they also find it easy to gradually gain control over the person’s mind and intellect.

C. Negative energies perform the task of worsening the state
of an individual through the medium of personality defects

If a person’s nature is irritable, the negative energies bring irritation to him on some flimsy pretexts. If a person’s concentration is less, the negative energies ensure that his concentration is punctured at the time of work or chanting God’s Name. In short, they perform the task of aggravating the personality defects. Sometimes the negative energies aggravate the personality defects to alarming proportions, and change the entire personality of the individual. We do not intellectually understand why the individual’s behavior is so weird.

D. Supplementing the personality defects
removal process with spiritual remedies is necessary
to get protection against distress from negative energies

Remedies at the spiritual level are necessary to get protection against negative energies distress. Dipping the feet in raw saltwater for 15 minutes every day, purification through cow urine, enveloping the body with the smoke of a sattvik (Sattva-predominant) incense-stick, chanting with bhav (Spiritual emotion) after praying to God are some spiritual remedies recommended by Sanatan Sanstha. Personality defect removal is an important remedy for protection against negative energies. For this, it is necessary to undertake personality defects removal process appropriately.


How does chanting of God’s
Name help in reducing personality defects?

When we chant God’s Name, we have some emotion or image about God, consciously or unconsciously. We also have some notion about His qualities. We know from discussions that we benefit from God’s grace and that chanting His Name is the tool to acquire the grace. Hence, the bhav that we are chanting God’s Name, who has distinguished qualities, accompanies God’s Name. Due to this very bhav, emotions such as respect, love and devotion for God, fear of wrong actions etc. go on increasing progressively; while emotions, on the other hand, keep diminishing. Thus, gradually the subconscious mind gets purified.

Continuous chanting generates the sanskar of chanting and a new centre of chanting is created in the subconscious mind. When chanting is going on, the conscious mind does not accept the impulses coming from the centres of the subconscious mind, such as desire and instinct centre, like and dislike centre, temperamental characteristics and the intellect centre. When this continues for long, gradually the old impressions in these centres start decreasing. Lesser the sanskars in the subconscious mind, lesser are the impulses coming to the conscious mind from the subconscious mind.

So long as chanting goes on, new impressions about other things do not develop on the subconscious mind. Chanting God’s Name is perhaps the best way in a conscious state to prevent new impressions from developing in the subconscious mind.

To simultaneously inculcate virtues in us along with personality defect removal, introversion and introspection are two essential aspects. Both these aspects improve with chanting. In the true sense, chanting cannot take place without introversion. To check if the mind is chanting, you have to become introverted. The mind does not remain focused on chanting God’s Name for long, it goes to other thoughts. When you realise this, you have to bring it back to chanting. While doing this, you realise the thought it has drifted to. This is introspection.

Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Overcome personality defects for a blissful life’

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