If you are unable to fall asleep then try removing the black energy enveloping (avran) your eyes

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‘I have advised spiritual remedies to several seekers for their inability to fall asleep at night. When searching for remedies I realised that the main spiritual cause for this is negative energy surrounding and within the eyes. Due to the grossness of the negative energy, despite feeling sleepy one cannot close the eyes. When this negative energy is removed by performing a spiritual remedy the person is able to sleep peacefully. Hence those facing the problem of insomnia should adopt the following remedy.

Sadguru (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil

1. The spiritual remedy for negative energies troubling the eyes should be found out by moving fingers in front of the eyes. This is the same method as is employed while finding spiritual remedies using the Pranashakti flow system.

Finding spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Pranashakti flow system is given in brief in this article. For a more comprehensive understanding of the subject please go through Sanatan’s Holy Text – Spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Prānashakti flow system.

2. If you feel that there is a covering of negative energy while moving your fingers in front of the eyes, first remove the black energy enveloping the eyes by fanning it with your fingers. Details on how to remove a negative energy covering is given in the above mentioned Holy text.

3. Now let us see how to remove the negative energy in the eye ? Negative energy enters the eye from the point closer to the ears and then spreads into it. Even when the negative energy leaves the eyes, it follows the same pattern. Hence remedies are more effective if done from the lateral side than from the front.

4. Use the same method of using your fingertips for finding the spiritual healing remedy on negative energy in the eyes as per point 1 in Sanatan’s Holy text.

5. When the remedy for the eye pertaining to the Five Cosmic Principles is found using the mudra (posture) of the middle finger, index finger or thumb associated with the Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle), Vayutattva (Absolute Air Principle) or Akashtattva (Absolute Ether Principle), perform nyas (approximating finger tips of the hand to facilitate energy flow) with both hands on the respective lateral side of the eye. If the chant found is beyond the Akashtattva that is in the state of non-materialisation (nirgun) , that is shunya, mahashunya, nirgun or Om then place the palm of either hand in front of the eyes and the palm of the other hand, skywards, on the thigh.

6. When performing nyas over the eyes, gather the negative energy from the eyes in both fists and throw it away. This increases the effectiveness of the remedy. When holding the negative energy from both eyes in the fists do so at the lateral end of the eye.

7. As remedies remove the grossness over the eyes, once they feel a little light find the remedy again. Every time the chant found will be of a lower level eg. from shunya to Akashdev, Vayudev and finally Agnidev. As this happens you become aware that the negative energy in the eyes is gradually reducing from the region closer to the nose to the point closer to the ear.

8.Finally when all the negative energy from the eyes is removed the eyes will feel light and bright.

You may then stop searching for the remedy over the eyes and pray to God for sound sleep.’

– Sadguru (Dr.) Mukul Gadgil, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa
Spiritual distress : This indicates that an individual has negative vibrations. 50 % or more of negative vibrations means severe distress. 30 – 49 % negative vibrations is moderate distress and less than 30% negative vibrations is mild distress. Spiritual distress is caused by various spiritual factors such as destiny, problems caused by deceased ancestors etc. and can be detected only by Saints or seekers who can perceive the subtle dimension.
Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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