Everyone is familiar with Shiva’s Natraj form, especially one who is associated with the fields of art and literature. In this article you will find information on this form of Shiva

Shri Krushna

The following article discusses Shri Krushna’s main attributes, His forms and some powerful chants that are utilised by devotees all over the world to praise Shri Krushna.

Shri Ganapati

This article aims to provide the devotees with some vital information on Shri Ganapati, His uniqueness and special missions in God’s Creation. Shri Ganapati comprehends the language we speak, He is also a Deity who is easily appeased.


Information on method of worshipping Hanuman, history, attributes and some other names of Deity Hanuman, importance of Hanuman as narrated by Saints, are given in the following article.


Availability of more information about deities helps in augmenting one’s belief: this in turn assists in smooth spiritual practice. Therefore, useful information about Shriram is given in this article.

Sub-Gurus of Deity Datta

Thus, Deity Datta had several sub-Gurus. In the same way, mumukshus should endure all suffering and continue to serve others graciously till they are alive.

Gurus of Deity Datta

Everything in this universe is a ‘Guru’, because there is something or the other to be learnt from it. A negative aspect teaches what vices should be given up and a positive aspect teaches what virtues should be imbibed.