Shri Ganesh Chaturthi

The detailed explanation and the science behind the rituals and the methods of observing Sri Ganesh Vrat is given in this article. It contains information related to importance of this vrat, the appropriate idol for worshipping, correct method of bringing home the idol of Sri Ganesh, the decoration for this festival, the importance of Modak and Atharvashirsha recitation.

God Shiva’s Mission

Understand Deity Shiva’s mission, its spiritual importance etc in detail.

God Shiva and His various Names

This article provides comprehensive information about the origin and spiritual meaning of the words Shiva, Shankar, Mahankaleshwar, Mahadev, Gangadhar etc.

Prevent malpractices
and denigration in temples

1. Do not rush for the darshan. 2. Keep the temple premises clean. 3. Do not make noise inside the temple. 4. Devotees are forced to place money in the donation plate. Do not fall prey to such demands, refuse politely.

Forms of God Shiva (Part 1)

This article highlights valuable information on Rudra, Kalabhairav, Veerabhadra, Bhairavanatha, Nataraj etc forms of Shiva and their mission. Thus explaining vastness of Shiva’s functions.

Shri Durgadevi

Shri Durgadevi or Durga Mata or simply Durga Ma (as She is often called by Her devotees), Shri Durgadevi is one of the most beloved and worshipped feminine forms of Shakti.

The types of Disciple

The superior disciple is a seeker who inspite of being trapped in unhappiness in the state of the embodied soul is convinced that “I am not the embodied soul but am really The Supreme God (Shiv)” through the study of the scriptures.