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‘In Hindu society it is customary to get the Janmapatrika (Birth chart) of a newly born child prepared from an astrologer. Many people are curious to know about the information contained in it. Through this article, let us understand, ‘What does Birth chart mean and what information does it contain’.


1. What is a birth chart ?

Birth chart is a booklet that provides information about the positions of various planets and Nakshatras (Lunar asterisms) in the sky at the time of the birth of a child. Just as a medical report provides information about a person’s physical characteristics, a person’s birth chart provides information about the astronomical events during his birth. An astrologer gives the guidance for the future using the information given in the birth chart. Some information mentioned it is also useful for that person himself. An explanation about it is given ahead.

1 A. Generic information

In the beginning of the birth chart, name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the person is mentioned.

1 B. Hindu Almanac of the day of birth

The five aspects at the time of birth such as ‘Tithi (Lunar day), day, Nakshatra, Yog (Spiritual union), and Karan (One half of a Tithi)’ are mentioned in the booklet.

1 C. Constructs for measuring time

Information about the Samvatsar (Year), Ayan (Movement in summer and winter solstice), season (spring, summer, etc.), month and paksh (Bright or dark fortnight in the Hindu Almanac month) at the time of the birth of the individual is mentioned in the birth chart.

1 D. Characteristics of the lunar asterisms at the time of birth

The Janmanakshatra (Birthstar) of an individual, is the constellation in which the moon was located at the time of birth. As the moon is the closest to the earth among all the planets, the earth is affected by both its subtle energy (Absolute Water Principle) and gross energy (Gravity). Therefore, in astrology, Chandranakshatra (Janmanakshatra) is given high importance. Information about the presiding Deity, object of donation, tree of worship, characteristic alphabet, etc., related to Janmanakshatra are given in Janmapatrika. This information is used in various situations.

1 E. Predicting the future

In some birth charts, future predictions are printed. Since these predictions are derived using a computer software application, it contains very little truth. However, if the booklet contains the predictions written by an astrologer through thorough study of the Kundali (Horoscope), then such predictions can prove useful to the individual throughout his life.

Mr. Raj Karve


2. What is Kundali ?

Kundali is a part of a birth chart. Kundali is an astrological chart or a diagram representing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time of a person’s birth. There are 12 places in Kundali in which planets and the zodiac signs are depicted. From the Kundali one can understand the directions of various planets in the space and the zodiac signs in which they were located at the time of the birth of the person. One can also know by how many degrees they apart from each other. Various types of Kundali are given in the birth chart like Lagnakundali (Ascendant Kundali), Rashikundali (Zodiac sign kundali), Vargakundali (Divisional chart), etc. Astrologers use them for various purposes while providing directions for the future.


3. How many days after the birth of the baby should the birth chart be made?

Birth chart should be prepared immediately within 2-3 days after a child’s birth. This is because, an astrologer finds out about the specific yog (Union of planets and constellations) if any, under which the child was born while preparing its birth chart. If a child is born on an inauspicious tithi, lunar asterism and yoga, then to avoid distress to the child, the scriptures prescribes to perform a ritual of Jananashanti. This Jananashanti should be performed on the 12th day after the birth. If there is a delay in preparing the Janmapatrika, then the set time for performing Jananashanti changes. If Jananashanti is performed late then its effectiveness also reduces.


4. What information should be given to an astrologer preparing a birth chart ?

We should get the Janmapatrika prepared from a studious and righteous astrologer. One should provide accurate information about the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of a child to an astrologer because a birth chart is prepared based on these three inputs. If any abnormalities are seen in an infant, then those should also be told to the astrologer, for example, infant having teeth since birth, having extra or less body parts, etc.


5. Importance of getting birth chart prepared

Birth chart denotes relationship of direction and time with the human beings. The good and the bad deeds performed in the previous births results in the destiny of the human beings in the subsequent births. Kundali is a medium to know the destiny of a person. One can understand the availabilities in the life, conducive and non-conducive times, happiness and sadness, calamities to be faced, etc. by a person through Janmapatrika. Therefore, Janmapatrika helps us to understand the nature of our life.


6. Preserve birth chart carefully and keep in such a place that it can be found easily

Birth chart is required during various auspicious occasions such as thread ceremony, wedding, etc., and also during adverse situations. If not kept carefully or if it gets lost, It causes an inconvenience, and results in waste of time and money to get it prepared again. Therefore, Janmapatrika should be preserved carefully and kept in a place from where it is easily accessible.’

— Shri. Raj Karve, Proficient in Astrology, Goa. (22.10.2022)

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