Great poet Kalidas creating incomparable poetry in Sanskrut with the blessings of Deity Mahakali !

Kalidas was a Sanskrut playwriter and poet in ancient Bharat. He is well-known for his Sanskrut epics named ‘Meghdoot’, ‘Raghuvansham’, Kumarsambhavam’ etc. It is said that either he was born in the period between 4th and 6th century or during Gupta period. Sanskrut Plays by name ‘Vikramorvashiyam’, Malvikagnimitram’ and ‘Abhidnyanashakuntalam’ are very famous.

Memories of Veer Savarkar

Andaman is an inspiration for all freedom fighters ! Before independence many freedom fighters along with Swatantryaveer Savarkar faced extreme torture for our country at this very place ! That is the reason why one feels pride for the Nation even while looking at this cellular jail.

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