Ardent bhav of Swami Vivekanand towards His Guru

Swami Vivekanand

‘Swami Vivekanand had gone to Chicago (America) as a representative of Bharat on the occasion of ‘All religious Conference’ for propagating Dharma. He won the hearts of the people present at the conference by His speech. He held the Americans spellbound by His speech. They learnt about the supremacy of Sanatan Hindu Dharma through His extraordinary presentation. He started getting invitations to give lecture from many institutions there. He explained Dnyanyoga, Bhaktiyoga, Karmayoga and Rajyoga very effectively through these lectures. All the listeners would forget themselves while listening to His talks. They were always eager to know about the topic Swami Vivekanand would be presenting the next time. Once after such a programme, the listeners surrounded Him and started asking Him many questions like, ‘O, great Swami, from which institution you acquired such extraordinary knowledge ? Could you tell us please in details about it ? Swamiji told them that He had acquired that knowledge from His Gurudev. They asked Him, Who is your Guru ?’ Swamiji told them that, if you are so keen to learn about it then I am ready to tell you about my Gurudev. On that day itself a special lecture of Swamiji was organised. He was to speak on ‘My Gururdev’. Lot of publicity was given in news papers about the lecture. Hence out of curiosity, people came to listen to Him in very large numbers. When Swamiji rose from His chair to speak, there was pin drop silence. Seeing the magnificent gathering Swamiji was overwhelmed with gratitude for his Guru. When He commenced, the first words were, ‘My Gurudev’. He had the vision of His Guru just then and He was chocked with gratitude. Tears started rolling down from His eyes. He could not speak for about 10 minutes. This was an unusual experience for the gathering. They had never seen anyone crying like this. They had witnessed tears when suffering injury, death of near and dear ones. They were surprised seeing Swamiji in tears.

.‘गुरोर्मौनं तु व्याख्यानं शिष्यस्तु छिन्नसंशयः ।’

– meaning Guru taught his disciples in silence and the disciples doubt were dispelled

From this incident we can realise how much devoted Swamiji was to His Guru Shri Ramkrushna Paramahans.

– Rajhans, Panvel


Importance of Hindu Dharma narrated by Swami Vivekanand

If Hindu Dharma is destroyed then, truth, justice, humanity and peace will be over ! – Swami Vivekanand


Swami Vivekanand’s view on destruction of Hindu temple !

Once, Swamiji had gone to Kashmir with His disciples. He saw the remains of the destroyed temple of Shri Bhavani Devi at Ksheer. He asked Himself, ‘When this temple was being disgraced and destroyed, why did not the people present there resisted ? If I were there, I would never have allowed this disgraceful incident to happen. I would have sacrificed my life to save the Deity. From this we can know Swamiji’s love for Deity Bhavani !!

Temples are the places supplying Divine Chaitanya. Protect and preserve their sanctity and do not let it be vandalized.


Imbibe blazing pride for Dharma in the self !

In the year 1896 Swami Vivekanand was travelling by a steamer from Nepals to Colombo. Among the travellers there were 2 catholic priests. They started arguing unnecessarily about the difference between Hindu Dharma and Christian Faith. Swamiji rebutted every point with logical reasoning; but instead of accepting the defeat, both the priests started insulting Hindu Dharma. Not tolerating the insult caused to Hindu Dharma, Swamiji caught hold of the collar of one of the priests and roared, if you talk any more, I will throw you over board !

Thereafter he did not dare to say anything to Swami. On the contrary he tried to find ways to please Swamiji !

Reference : Sanatan’s book ‘Bodhkatha’ (parables)


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