Great poet Kalidas creating incomparable poetry in Sanskrut with the blessings of Deity Mahakali !

Great poet Kalidas

Kalidas was a Sanskrut playwriter and poet in ancient Bharat. He is well-known for his Sanskrut epics named ‘Meghdoot’, ‘Raghuvansham’, Kumarsambhavam’ etc. It is said that either he was born in the period between 4th and 6th century or during Gupta period. Sanskrut Plays by name ‘Vikramorvashiyam’, Malvikagnimitram’ and ‘Abhidnyanashakuntalam’ are very famous.


Initially Kalidas being very rustic, uneducated
and a fool but his life being transformed due to the princess of Kashi

‘Kalidas was one of the 9 jewels in the court of Samrat Vikramaditya of Ujjain. He was a Brahmin and a devotee of Shiv. He was a rustic, uneducated and a fool. All would tease him. But he got transformed due to the princess of Kashi. She was a very intelligent, talented scholar. She was matchless with regard to literature, art etc. Many young scholars desirous of marrying her were defeated by her with her intellectual splendour. So all these dissatisfied young men decided to take revenge of their insult. They caught hold of a foolish young man and enticed him with money, best food and beautiful garments. He had to remain in front of the princess and whatever he was asked by the princess, he had to keep mum. He was dressed beautifully and introducing him to be very intelligent, talented, philosopher he was taken to the princess.


 Realising him to be a great fool, she driving him out of the palace

When some difficult questions were put to her, he would shake his head and would look at the princess with weird look. Those wise people told her that he was very talented and was expressing his answers by keeping mum and somehow the princess too believed them. The princess got married to him and in a very short time she realised that he was a great fool. She criticised him and sent him out of her palace saying not to return so long as he does not become a scholar.


Suddenly Mahakali revealing Herself
through the idol one night and writing some letters on his tongue

Shri Kalimata temple at Malwa, Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). This is the temple in which the Deity Kalimata had stood before Kalidas !

That young man was very honest, harmless and simple. He realised that he was being used by those youth for cheating the princess. He realised his mistake. He went to the temple straight and stayed there. He was in a confused state of mind. The priest in the temple told him to worship the Deity. Later he stayed there and worshipped Mahakali very sincerely. He observed very severe austerities. One night suddenly He saw the Deity manifesting from the idol. She came near him and blessed him and wrote some letters on his tongue, blessed him saying he would be a great scholar and poet. He was named as Kalidas.

After returning to his wife Kalidas could give answers to all 4 questions asked by the princess; he gave the answers in the form of 4 epics. He could recite all of them very fluently.

– Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji (Ghanagarjit, July 2005)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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