Articles rendered holy by the sacred touch of Goswami Tulsidas !

Saint Goswami Tulsidas (Birth : year 1511, renunciation of the body : year 1623) happened to be a great Saint in Uttar Pradesh. He is known to be the incarnation of Maharshi sage Valmiki. He is the composer of great scriptures like Ramacharitmanas, Ayodhyakand, Sundarkand etc. Let us see an incident in His life highlighting His spiritual authority.

After renouncing His body at His birth place Chitraktut in district Rajapur, Goswami Tulsidas told His devotees in a vision that, I am in an idol form in the river Kalindi (Yamuna), worship Me in a temple. According to this vision, His devotees tried to search for His idol; but in vain. They could not find it despite searching for a week. Hence Tulsidas told His devotees in a vision that wherever you find bubbles in the river, search me there. Thereafter, the devotees found his idol near His house at Prabhu Ghat. The above idol kept in His room where He was born, is that Swayambhu (Naturally manifested) idol.

Hanuman’s idol installed by Saint Tulsidas in the Sankatmochan Hanuman temple at Chitrakut in Rajapur
Paduka (Wooden sandals) of Goswami Tulsidas ! Let us fulfill our life by taking their darshan with bhav !
Shaligram (Stone emblem of Shrīvishṇu) worshiped by Goswami Tulsidas Himself. His disciples heirs are still worshiping it regularly even today.
A hand written page from the scripture named Ayodhyakand, composed by Tulsidas. Let us pray to receive Chaitanya contained in it.
More than 400 year old Peepal tree, planted by Goswami Tulsidas at Chitrakut in Rajapur.

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