A stone and a coin from the era of Shriram !

A stone from the ‘ Ramsethu ‘ filled with divine consciousness (chaitanya) !

Despite weighing 4 kilograms this stone obtained from the Ramsethu floats when lighter stones sink, as observed in the water tank above

A coin from the era of Shriram

A coin from the era of Shriramchandra

Rameshwaram, the pilgrim  place is situated on the east coast of the state of Tamilnadu. Eleven kilometres to its south is a city called Dhanushkodi.  The proximal part of Ramsethu is called Dhanushkodi (meaning the tip of a bow) because 17.5 lakh years ago Shriram had selected this spot as the site to construct a bridge to enter Srilanka (Lanka of Ravan), using the tip of His heavy bow. Even today we can see shrubs in a row on huge boulders as remnants of the bridge. The Ramsethu is a unique architectural wonder of Nal amd Neel. The Valmiki Ramayan gives detailed information that the proportion of width to the length of the Ramsethu is 1 : 10. Actual measurement has revealed that its breadth is only 3.5 km and length 35 km. Every generation of Hindus is well versed with the legends of how a tiny squirrel participated in the construction of this bridge and how the boulders used in the construction are still floating on the waters of the Indian ocean.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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