Chitrakoot Dham : Transcendental memories of Prabhu Shriram !

Chitrakoot Dham : A place filled with the transcendental memories of Prabhu Shriram !

After Prabhu Shriram returned to Ayodhya from 14 years of exile, and annihilation of Ravana, on the first day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra, He was accorded a warm welcome by the residents of Ayodhya.  Hoisting flags and decorating with floral garlands they celebrated the homecoming of their king. Shriramachandra freed distressed subjects from the clutches of King Vali. Those who were freed, hoisted flags on that day. This celebration commemorated Shriram’s annihilation of Vali and demoniacal tendencies. During the 14 year exile period Shriram, Sita and Lakshman lived on the Chitrakoot mountain.

We are presenting here rare photographs of River Godavari in the Chitrakoot mountain, the temple where Bharat and Rama reunited, the spot from where Shri Ramachandra killed Vali, etc. for the benefit of readers.

Prabhu Shriram is the lord of all devotees and the king of subjects of all times. Worshipping Maryada Purushottam Shriram as the ideal in all senses of the term, abiding by Dharma and performing spiritual practice, let us strive to establish Rama’s rule of righteousness (Ramrajya). Recollecting Shriram’s ideal observance of Dharma let us abide by Dharma consistently and become deserving of His grace. During His exile, Prabhu Shriramachandra performed His Divine play in innumerable ways. Let us see these places which have become sacred with Shriram’s setting foot on them during that era, with spiritual emotion (bhav).


The Parnakuti Shrirama temple in Chitrakoot where Shrirama, Sita and Lakshman lived in a grass hut for 11 years eating only wild bulbs and roots


The temple built at the spot where Shriram and Bharat reunited in Chitrakoot. After Bharat came to know that Rama was in exile he rushed to Chitrakoot to meet Him.


The footprints of Shriram at the Shriram temple


The hidden origin of River Godavari in the Chitrakoot mountain. As Godavari Devi manifested in Nasik to pay homage (darshan) to Shriram this spot is referred to as the hidden Godavari.


At Chitrakoot during the reunion of Bharat and Rama the stone on which They stood became soft and footprints of Bharat and Rama appeared on it .
Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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