Deity Shri Rama’s Kulaguru (Family Spiritual Master), ‘Sage Shri Vasishtha’s’ place of penance at Manali in Himachal Pradesh!

The place of penance of Sage Shri Vasishtha At Manali! (Vasishtha Kunda)
Sage Shri Vasishtha’s Idol at a temple in Manali!


Sage Shri Vasishtha who guides
Sanatan Sanstha through the medium of Saptarshi Jeevnadipatti !

The conversation related to the entire mankind which took place between Deity Shiva and Deity Parvati was heard by the Saptarshi (The seven great sages). They wrote this conversation for the welfare of the mankind as well as for the faster spiritual progress of the spiritual embodied souls ! This is what is called as Nadi Astrology ! Nadi Astrology is written on the sheets of palm leaves. Maharshi, through the medium of Saptarshi Jeevnadi, has told that Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in this Kaliyug (Era of strife)! By telling this he has revealed His form of incarnation. Even now, from time to time the various facets of Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale depicting that He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu are being revealed through the medium of Maharshi ! Sadguru Mrs. Anjali Gadgil is touring different states in India since last four years as per the guidance received through the medium of Saptarshi Jeevnadipatti !

Maharshi who is providing guidance through the medium of Saptarshi Jeevnadipatti for earliest formation of Hindu nation, for the protection of nation, dharma as well as the seekers and to receive the blessings of deities, is Sage Vasishtha himself. As per the needs of the universe, the group of saptarshi’s active at a particular time is different from time to time. But everywhere, most of the time it is Sage Vasishtha who guides as Adiguru (the first spiritual master) and it is Sage Saptarshi who asks questions to Sage vasishtha on the behalf of the mankind as their representative. Maharshi from among the Saptarshi keep on changing after every 2 to 3 months. It is noticed that, sometimes it is Sage Vasishtha and Sage Vishwamitra along with Nandikeshwar and Narada or at other times it is Sages Angiras, Jamadagni, Durvas, Pulsatya who are involved in the conversation. In the current Nadipatti, the group of seven Sages speaking about Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale and about Sanatan Sanstha’s work are Sage Vasishtha, Sage Vishwamitra, Sage Gautam, Sage Parashar, Sage Pulsatya, Sage Angiras and Sage Durvas. Sometimes Nandikeshwar or Narad also ask questions.

– Sadguru Mrs. Anjali Gadgil.


The Story of Vasishtha Kunda and importance of this place!

Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil

The Place of penance of Maharshi Vasishtha is at a height of 10,000 feet at Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Also, here there is a pond of warm water. This is called as Vasishtha Kund. The uniqueness of this pond is that, even though there is snow all over surrounding this pond, the water in this pond never solidifies into ice. In-fact, even at such low temperatures, the water here remains in liquefied form itself. Bathing in this pond relieves one from all the sins. Its story is as follows.

Maharshi Vasishtha did his penance at the bank of the river Vipasha and got himself enlightened. Shri Rama was sinned of Brahman death after decimation of Ravana. To get relieved from this sin Shri Rama decided to perform Aashwamedh yagnya. While conversing with the other sages it was decided that Shri Laxmana will search for Sage Vasishtha. Laxman found out Sage Vasishtha in the current Himachal Pradesh in the Kulu Valley. It was winter season. For the bath of His Guru Sage Vasishtha, Laxman released agnibaan (fire arrow) on the land here and created a pond of warm water. Sage Vasishtha was an ascetic and had no need of this warm water. Sage Vasishtha, after seeing how tired Laxman was ordered him to first have bath in this pond. He also gave a blessing that a devotee who will have a bath here will get rid of his sins as well as the skin diseases. Also, he will be relieved of his tiredness.


History of foundation of Shri Rama temple !

There is a Shri Rama Temple near Vasishtha Kund. Around 4000 years ago, this temple was built by King Janamejay. After the death of his father King Parikshit, King Janamejay built many Rama temples to offer peace to the departed soul. This is one among these temples. After time passed, the idol from this temple was stolen. In the year 1600, King Jagatsinha started the propagation of Vaishva Dharma in the Kulu region. The king sent his envoys to Ayodhya to bring the idols prepared by Shri Rama for Ashwamedh yagya. But twice they could not identify the idols of Shri Rama and instead got different idols both the times. The King established these idols at the Rama temples at the places Vasishtha and Manikarna. He also took the possession of these temples and the management of these temples is looked after accordingly.

– (Sadguru) Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, Manali, Himachal Pradesh


Gratitude unto the feet of Sage Vasishtha
who describes the nobility of our Shriguru !

Maharshi has proclaimed on the day 10.05.2015, that P.P. Dr. Athavale himself is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Maharshi has provided guidance from time to time in regards to formation of Hindu Rashtra, and to remove obstacles in the spiritual practice of seekers as well as from the mission of propagation of Dharma. Also, He is the one who has acquainted the seekers about Shriguru in the real sense and hence He is the holy figure for the seekers. Maharshi, after revealing that Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu has now taken the responsibility of spreading his glory everywhere unto himself. Hence, how much ever gratitude the seekers of sanatan sanstha would pay unto his holy feet would be less. Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale is whole and sole for the seekers. The Saptarshi’s blessings unto the seekers are unparalleled by guiding the seekers from time to time about how to be worthy enough to receive the blessings of Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale. The Sanatan Family pays gratitude a million times unto the holy feet of Sage Vasishtha and all other Saptarshi’s !

-(Sadguru) Mrs. Anjali Gadgil

The reason behind the names of Sages and ascetic’s being perpetual !

The teachings and the names of the Sage Vasishtha, Sage Vishwamitra, Sage Bhrugu, Sage Atri, Sage Agasti, Narad Muni and others have been perpetual for ages. Whereas the names of intellectuals, rationalists and those who are traitors to dharma are forgotten within 1 to 2 generations. The reason behind this is that Sages and Ascetics tell the truth and so their teachings and names are not wiped away as the times passes. Whereas, what the intellectuals, rationalist and the traitors to dharma teach is not the truth and hence their names are forgotten as the time passes.

– (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

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