Contribution of Maharshi Aurobindo in Bharat’s freedom struggle

Maharshi Aurobindo

Maharshi Aurobindo’s significant contribution in the freedom struggle

1. Maharshi Aurobindo was a part of the think tank in Indian Majlis, a Bharatiya student organisation in England, founded for the political freedom of Bharat.

2. He was a member of Kamal and Katyar secret revolutionary organisations.

3. During His revolutionary activities He founded an organisation for those who wished to serve the country.

4. To achieve the target of an armed revolution He sent a friend for higher military training.

5. When he was a professor he started an ammunition factory under the cover of his education society.

6. He was part of the Maharashtra branch of a secret organisation started by a Sikh from Udaipur.

7. He resigned as a professor to be able to pursue his revolutionary activities freely.

8. Aurobindo framed a constitution of rules and regulations and activities of an organisation called Bhavani Mandir, created for young servitors of the nation, akin to youth organisations created by Samarth Ramdas Swami, Joseph Mozini and Swantantryaveer Sawarkar.

9. He established a centre for the youth at Maniktolabag in Kolkata for revolutionary and nation uplifting activities.

10. His plan was to create such centres all over Bharat but due to a bomb blown up by the revolutionary Khudiram Bose all revolutionaries including Aurobindo were arrested. He remained in the Alipur jail with the others for a year.

11. In Alipur jail His indepth study of the Holy Geeta and Upanishads and He being blessed with a vision of Vasudev after performing spiritual practice : The Alipur jail cell was 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. It had only a thick, coarse stump of a hand-mill. Rain, storm, garbage entered the cell through the wired door. His food consisted of a tumbler of water, rice cooked with worms and dust, vegetable mixed with grass and leaves, insipid, watery curry. In the summer the cell would become like a furnace. In this very cell He did an indepth study of the Holy Geeta and Upanishads and through spiritual practice was blessed with a vision of Vasudev.

12. Aurobindo’s proclamation that He would perform a mission for the nation as commanded by God : After being released from the Alipur jail when delivering a speech to a crowd of 10000 people at Uttarpada in Kolkata He made it clear that as commanded by God he would work for the nation. Due to that Divine message without any preparation or further arrangements He first visited Chandranagar and then Pondicherry. Along with five associates He lived in a small room with just one lamp, close to the crematorium. He was poverty-stricken with a mere 4 annas (25 paisa) with Him. He has stated that probably no yogi (ascetic) must have experienced such obstacles in the past nor will they in the future as He had in performing yogsadhana for the independence and progress of the country. Bharat became independent on August 15, 1947. Without considering Aurobindo’s life longitudinally even intellectuals wrongly say that He gave up the mission for the country and became a yogi. In fact some educated people are ignorant about who Aurobindo was and others think He is a yogi from the Himalays.


What Tilak said about Maharshi Aurobindo !

Lokmanya Tilak has said that Aurobindo is a complete renunciant, an ascetic and that He instilled the spirit of sacrifice in hundreds of youth …In gaining knowledge, accomplishing a target and sacrifice He is beyond compare, the superior most.

Author : Mr. Prabhakar Pujari (Monthly Dharmabhaskar)


Kshatradharma performed by Maharshi Aurobindo

1. Maharshi Aurobindo teaches Kshatradharma in the subtle : During the Second World War to protect the country from malevolent energies of enemies, Maharshi Aurobindo Himself fought a war in the subtle. When making His disciple aware of the subtle-battle He said that we should not look at war as that between some countries or that against Bharat. We must combat the negative energies causing those wars. He informed further that those fighting on the side of God were against the vast kingdom of demons.

2. Kshatradharma performed by Maharshi Aurobindo : During the Second World War Maharshi Aurobindo performed Kshatradharma using His spiritual prowess. Demons were controlling the vital bodies of the dictators of Germany and Italy, Hitler and Mussolini respectively, in the subtle. The plan of Hitler, that is the demon possessing Him was to control Bharat. So Maharshi Aurobindo fought the World War in the subtle and compelled that demoniacal energy to change its decision of waging a war against Bharat.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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