Spiritual significance of Gomata (Cow as the Divine Mother), benefits derived from serving and protecting her

Miss Madhura Bhosale

1. Significance of the cow as described in the Hindu Scriptures

‘Cow, river and the soil of Bharat are termed as Devi (Female Deity) in the Hindu Scriptures and are endowed the status of a mother. That is precisely why for every Hindu a cow is worthy of worship.


2. Spiritual significance of a cow

A. Cow is the most sattvik among all animals.

B. Various Deities dwell subtly in the different parts of the body of Gomata. Cow has the potential to absorb and emanate the Principles of 33 crore Deities.

C. Milk, gomay (Cow dung) and gomutra (Cow urine) obtained from cow are extremely sattvik and enriched with Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). Therefore consumption of panchgavya, prepared by mixing these ingredients along with curd and ghee, purifies the pinda (subtle body). That is precisely why it is used in several religious rituals.

D. Due to the presence of Gomata, purification of the earth and atmosphere occurs.


3. Ill effects of killing a cow

A. Sattvik animals when killed results in reduction in sattvikta of the earth. Consequently an individual killing a cow acquires the sin of causing harm to society (samashti sin).

B. An individual who kills a cow deteriorates spiritually and post death has to face punishment in the fifth region of narak (hell). (Note)

C. Those indirectly participating in the killing of a cow, for example selling aged cows to butchers and giving silent consent to the slaughter of a cow, remaining a silent spectator and not taking any action while sighting cows being taken to the slaughter house in a cramped manner, also acquire a sin of higher degree. (Note)

D. A man feasting on beef is an awful sinner and gets subsequent birth in the clan of daemons. (Note)


4. Benefits obtained by those serving a cow

Those worshipping a cow and serving her wholeheartedly are bestowed upon by her grace and blessings and also derive ample merit. Because of this merit, post death they get an opportunity to dwell in Devlok (Region of the Deities). (Note)


5. Fruits derived by those protecting cows

Those protecting cows are blessed with mukti (Salvation) while living on the earth and also obtain grace and blessings of various Deities.’

Note : Knowledge received through subtle medium

Miss Madhura Bhosale, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa (14.6.2017)

Subtle : The gross senses i.e. the organs that can be physically seen such as the nose, ears, eyes, tongue and skin are the five sense organs. What is beyond these five sense organs, mind and intellect is the ‘subtle’. Those who have made some amount of spiritual progress perceive these ‘subtle’ sensations. Reference to ‘subtle’ knowledge is made in various Holy texts.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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