Realise the power of water and make full use of it


Like every housewife, I cannot sleep unless I tidy up the kitchen; however, for the last 6 months after cleaning the kitchen, I have been doing one thing, which has benefited me immensely. When I go to bed at night, if the evening lamp in the temple at home goes out, it is lit. Along with it, I also put a lamp near the pot of drinking water and offer a flower there whenever it is possible. I express gratitude with folded hands to all pots of water.

Some may find this strange or ridiculous; however, I am a qualified doctor myself. Usually one does not believe in anything without passing it through scrutiny of scientific tests. However, 6 months ago, I came across a thorough research on the subject of ‘water’. Some of the references in the research were later found quoted in some ancient religious texts in the exactly similar manner. I am giving these here in a simple language.


The water changes with every kind of energy emitted from outside

Water means life. Water has a special memory of its own. The kind of our thoughts or the mental state while we drink water has a huge impact on water and alternatively on ourselves. Water changes with every kind of energy being emitted from outside and it effects your body like that change in the kind of energy.


Water carries out different functions on each person’s body

Water functions differently on each person’s body. About 70 to 75% of our body is made up of water, that is, the water we consume determines how our body should function.

Your thoughts while drinking water, your vision of looking at water, the sounds that exist while drinking water, your emotions when drinking water or the utterances that come out of your mouth all have a huge effect on water. This can actually be seen under a microscope.

If your mental state is very positive and if you are very grateful for the water in your hand, then even muddy or contaminated water can do you no harm. Also, if your mental state is negative and you are unconcerned about drinking water, even very pure water can be very harmful.


The ‘cell system’ of water functions like the human nervous system

Water is ‘animate’, and water and its ‘cell system’ work in the same way the human nervous system works.

The shape of the water cells or molecules is very beautiful when love is created in the mind while holding the water or keeping it nearby; on the other hand,  the shape of the water particles is very strange and obscure when anger or hatred are created in the mind while holding the water or keeping it nearby.

The way you ‘treat’ water when you drink it, the water ‘remembers’ for a very long time and thus has good or bad effects on your body.


The emergence of ‘water therapy’

Water is currently being considered as a ‘liquid computer’ by using the ‘memory’ property of water.

Presently, various ‘water therapies’ are emerging using the same properties of water, such as ‘whenever you want to achieve a good objective, take a glass of water in one hand, then speak in it what is on your mind and then drink it’.

All this is scientific information; those who want detailed information can find it by reading Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on water.


Efforts to be made to realise the Divine and powerful potential of water

I tried to combine these Divine and powerful abilities of water with Hindu culture and customs. From what I came across, I have been following certain practices for the last 6 months. These are as follows.

1. Drinking water should be stored in a copper vessel; preferably drink it with a copper glass because copper is the ‘good conductor’ of energy.

2. Wash the copper vessel every night using tamarind and turmeric.

3. Then filter the clean water through a cotton cloth.

4. After this, place a lamp on the side of the water vessel, place a flower on it and offer gratitude for the water with the folded hands.       (You can express gratitude by just saying – ‘We are grateful for providing health and life’, or any such good thought.)

5. After waking up in the morning, start the day by drinking water from the same vessel.

6. The best way to drink water is to drink it from the palms; however, this may not be possible for you. So, drink the water in the vessel or glass by holding it with both hands.

7. Drinking water should be done by consciously holding a glass of water in both the hands for a few seconds and making sure that you have good thoughts and good feelings.

8. The same should be done consciously a little longer when it comes to drinking water when you go to someone’s house or when you go out.

9. Drink water only when you are thirsty. Do not drink water for no reason at all.

10. Fruits with high water content (80-90%) should be included in diet.


Benefits of drinking water properly

The benefits obtained by me while drinking water as mentioned above and trying it for 6 months in a row are as follows.

A. My little girl used to get sick every month and had to be given antibiotics. This has stopped completely.

B. My mental and physical health improved a lot, which had deteriorated a few months ago.

C. The disorder of bile (acidity) of my family is almost gone.

D. Every morning, the environment in the house is very nice, pleasant and full of energy.

E. My attitude towards looking at water and kitchen has changed as a whole.

F. If I forget to light a lamp even a single day, there is a noticeable difference in the taste of water.

G. I have instilled this habit in my little girl too. She does these things happily.


Experiments about water have been scientifically and logically proven

Starting to drink water in this way can be beneficial for staying healthy. There is no question of calling this writing a superstition because all the above aspects have been scientifically and logically proven.

Every aspect, from the ancient times of Hindu culture, about the importance and benefits of water has been proven by the study of the infinite and animate power of water. These include our Tirtha (Sacred water) from pilgrimage sites or river basins or poured in the hands in temples or water taken 5 times before meals (Aposhani). It is our primary duty to be aware of this. No work in life can be accomplished without water, let alone in the kitchen. So let us learn the power of water from today and start using it to the fullest.

Ageing of the majority of 58,700 large dams
across the world pose growing threat !  : The United Nations

In the ‘Hindu Rashtra’, lakes and ponds will be created instead of dams !

New York (USA) – According to the latest UN report, most of the 58,700 large dams worldwide were constructed between 1930 and 1970 with a design life of 50 to 100 years. Dams begin to show signs of ageing after 50 years. These include increasing cases of dam failures, progressively increasing costs of dam repair and maintenance, increasing reservoir sedimentation, and loss of a dam’s functionality and effectiveness. By 2050, most people on Earth will live in the impact area of the dams. This report was based on dams surveyed in the United States, France, Canada, India, Japan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, etc.

United Nations’ Canada-based ‘Institute for Water, Environment and Health’ prepared the report titled ‘Ageing water infrastructure: An emerging global risk’. According to this report, majority of the dams have either crossed their life span or are on the verge of it’. The report claims :

1. There are over 1,115 large dams in India, that will be roughly 50-years-old in 2025. These along with other dams in the world will prove to be a threat.

2. The large dams in the world hold approximately between 7,000-8,300 cubic kilometres of water (About 80% of Canada’s land). 93% of large dams in the world are located in just 25 countries.

3.The report said that 32,716 large dams (55% of the world’s total) are found in just four Asian countries : China, India, Japan and South Korea.

The way you ‘treat’ water when you drink it,
the water ‘remembers’ for a very long time and has good or bad effects !

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