Yog-vidya which bestows mental peace and healthy life !

‘At the beginning of the 20th century a man named Narendra (Swami Vivekanand) participated in the ‘Parliament of all Religions’ in USA, and hoisted the flag of Divine secrets of Bharatiya philosophy and Spirituality and brought forth the true nature of its glorious and great culture before the world. In the similar way, the current Prime Minister of Bharat, Mr. Narendra Modi convinced the importance of the yogic sciences to the countries in the world at the United Nations Organisation after which it declared June 21, as the International Yoga Day. Through this the glorious flag of Bharatiya yogic science again began to fly high in the world.

Citizens from 84 countries along with 35000 yoga seekers participated in the celebration of the First International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015 held at Rajpath, New Delhi. When addressing this gathering Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Yoga being a medium of establishing a balance between the body and mind is a tool to develop universal love, peace, unity and goodwill. The main objective of this Yoga Day is to free the world from stress and disease.’


Yogic science will endow the world
with mental peace and freedom from diseases !

The science of Yoga which has emerged from Divine contemplation of Bharatiya Sages and their state of self-realisation is a Divine boon to all mankind irrespective of religion, caste, creed and gender. It is the one giving mental peace to those trapped in worldly life and relief to those with physical or mental illness. Also, it unites yoga seekers with Shiv (the Supreme God) and fulfills the ultimate desire of Final Liberation (Moksha) in man. This is an invaluable treasure preserved by our ancestors for the welfare of the world. We are indeed fortunate to have taken birth here and to become the heirs of this invaluable treasure. What is unfortunate is that most Bharatiyas do not practise this science. Other nations from the world have already benefitted and are still benefitting from it. People from western nations encompassed in materialism and all kinds of distress want a peaceful and disease free life. For this the whole world is looking upto Bharat with hope which has the weapon of yogic science, because no country other than it can give the world mental peace and freedom from disease. The Bharatiya yogic science has Divine power and huge potential in it which has been experienced by foreign scholars.


Yoga possesses the power
to enhance the potential of a weak body !

The physical body is gradually getting afflicted with disease due to consumption of food grains, fruits, vegetables etc. grown using poisonous chemical fertilisers and insecticide sprays, consciously or unconsciously. As a result, the physical and mental immunity is gradually declining. Most are unaware of this. At such times this yogic science is of great benefit as it possesses the ability to excrete such toxins and strengthen the physical body.


The physical body is a pure ‘yadnyakund
and preserving its sanctity is necessary

The human body is a pure yadnyakund (altar of a fire sacrifice). One should not pollute the sacred fire within it through consumption of non-vegetarian food, alcohol, fast foods etc. The yoga performed by such individuals never succeeds. Final Liberation (Moksha) is the ultimate target of a human birth. To win the grace of the Supreme Soul (Paramatma) and Supreme God (Parameshwar) and to become eligible for Final Liberation a seeker of yoga should maintain the sanctity of this yadnyakund through his conduct, thoughts and speech.


Purpose of human life is fulfilled through charity and Spirituality

Yoga means uniting the soul within the self with the Supreme Soul, merging, uniting or becoming one with all living creation. All the 84 lakh species in this universe receive energy from God, that is precisely why today all of us are alive. This energy is called jivatma -anshatama. Due to our materialism, ego and lack of devotion we tend to forget this Divine energy within us, the very driving force of our body. Through the medium of Yoga, a yoga seeker realises that he is a fraction of the Paramatma Parameshwar. This science possesses the Divine ability to enlighten others along with self-illumination. Instead of having a diseased body by leading a material life, it’s better to be a yogi and lead a life of charity and spirituality , which will fulfil the very purpose of human life. To accomplish all this yoga seekers should perform this yoga spiritual practice under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.


Spiritually enriched and patriotic sons of this land
have evolved through spiritual practice of Yoga !

If we want a glorious, opulent, cultured, addiction-free, self-reliant, independent Bharat capable of being a world leader to be evolved, then spiritually enriched and patriotic sons of this land with virtues, radiant thoughts, love for God, Dharma, nation and culture will evolve only from this yogic spiritual practice.

Let us applaud all organisations in Bharat, yoga teachers, yoga seekers and well-wishers contributing towards this yogic mission with body, mind and wealth on the occasion of Yoga Day for selflessly propagating and spreading this science which is encompasssed with the virtues of releasing one from physical and mental illnesses, combating the Corona virus effectively, uniting the embodied souls and Supreme Soul with the objective of Moksha (final liberation) and of fulfilling the desire of creating universal teachers.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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