Frequently asked questions on cooking

1. Why should we not use a winnowing basket to fan ourselves ?

The hollow of the winnowing basket has such a shape that it predominantly congregates Raja-Tama-predominant waves with the help of kriya-shakti (Energy of action). Therefore, when one fans with a winnowing basket, these waves become active. These waves can enter the body through the space in the ear along with air in a short time. These waves make one prone to attacks from negative energies. Therefore, we should refrain from deliberately fanning ourselves using a winnowing basket so that such waves do not get activated and we remain protected from such waves.

2. Why should women not break a coconut or Ash gourd ?

A water-filled coconut or Ash gourd are symbolic of the lower abdomen region. Breaking a coconut or cutting an Ash gourd is indicative of the dissolution process. Since it is symbolic of destruction of the reproductive capacity, it is prohibited by Dharma.

3. Why should live coals not be immediately extinguished with water ?

The fire in live coals represents the Shiva Principle, while the Adishakti (Divine Energy) Principle in the form of Annapurnadevi is active as the energy needed for cooking. Thus, fire in the Shiva form as well as Annapurnadevi in energy form work together to convert food into food containing the God Principle. Immediate extinguishing of live coals with water after the process of cooking amounts to destroying the manifest waves of Agnitattva (Absolute Fire Principle). Therefore, instead of doing so, one should offer Naivedya to the waves of Agnitattva and Annapurnadevi, praying to them to calm down, and then sprinkle a little water on the live coals. The fire calms down even with the slight sprinkling of water after praying.

4. What are the remedies to
avoid the sin arising out of cutting cooked food ?

Cutting the food with a knife is considered a sin. This is because through such action, Tama-predominant vibrations are emitted into the environment, thus polluting the entire environment. Following steps can be followed while preparing the pieces :

A. Chanting : When the pieces are prepared while chanting God’s Name, the act of cutting becomes an akarma-karma.

B. Preparing pieces with the hands : Instead of using any external means for preparing pieces, it is better to prepare them roughly with the hands.

C. Wooden blade : A wooden blade contains more of Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle) than the Raja-Tama-predominant knife. Therefore, we can prepare pieces with the help of a wooden blade while praying and chanting.

Reference: Sanatan’s Holy Text “Correct method of cooking a meal”

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