French Scientist – Hindu way of urinating is the best and healthiest way !

Why should one squat during urination or defecation ?

Underlying Science

1. The posture of squatting activates the waste gases flowing downwards in the waist region of the body. It assists the forceful expulsion of urine and faeces and cleanses the void of the abdomen.

2. This peculiar posture during excretion of urine or faeces gives support to the upa-pancha-praṇa (Five subordinate vital energies), and harmful gases are passed out along with the urine and faeces, thereby destroying the negative energy in the physical body : The recommended method of excretion in Bharatiya culture brings about disintegration of 30% of distressing components created in the body. The upa-pancha-praṇa find support in the peculiar posture assumed during defecation and as a result, the distressing gases are expelled along with faeces and urine. In addition, the subtle cleansing wheel starts moving spirally. Hence, the negative energy that has accumulated in the physical body of the individual is destroyed.

Why shouldn’t men urinate in the standing posture ?

Underlying Science

1. The standing posture causes a flow of accumulated Raja-Tama predominant energy towards the feet. As the negative energy gets concentrated there, the distressing vibrations emitting from Patal (Hell region) can very quickly enter the body through the feet.

2. The impact with which the stream of urine hits the ground while urinating in the standing posture activates the flow of black energy associated with the ground, charging the entire body of the individual with Raja-Tama components.

Why one should maintain silence while urinating or defecating ?

Underlying science

Mouna (A state of being quiet) activates the Madhyama Vani (a mode of speech in which chanting occurs automatically) in an individual, and as a result, one becomes introverted. This also keeps the protective sheath around the physical body active for a longer period. This process protects the individual from negative energy attacks from the atmosphere during a Raja-Tama-predominant activity such as urination and defecation.

Regarding washing the relevant organs with water after urination and defecation

Underlying science

Washing with water after defecation helps in rapid destruction of Raja-Tama particles of faeces associated with the Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle)

Waste products expelled during defecation are Raja-Tama-predominant and associated with the Pruthvitattva. Toilet paper is not sattvik. Besides, it is associated with the Pruthvitattva. Hence, if used after defecation, it is incapable of destroying the Raja-Tama particles in the faeces associated with the Pruthvitattva. Water is sattvik, and is enriched with sattvikta of the Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) and Chaitanya (Divine consciousness). Using water after defecation helps in rapid destruction of the Raja-Tama particles of the faeces associated with the Pruthvitattva.

Research by French scientists confirms that
the Hindu way of urinating is the best and healthiest way !

A French scientist says, “Urinating in the standing posture causes urine droplets to fall on the feet and scatter on the floor as well. The Hindu way of urinating in the squatting posture is the best and the healthiest way. The genitals should be washed after urinating. If not washed, subtle crystals of urine will form after drying of the urine and will be responsible for diseases.”

Though European scientists fully approve of our traditional way of urinating, yet they continue to urinate in the standing posture. Hindus emulate them. We take pride in aping the westerners. Tomorrow, when the white-skin people start urinating by squatting, we will follow suit and call it progress !

– Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Daily Conduct and the science underlying its Acts’

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