Places where urination and defecation should be avoided

1. Never urinate or defecate in water

Underlying science

Urination and defecation in water pollutes it thus attracting Raja-Tama-predominant waves from the Universe into it, polluting the entire atmosphere

Water is all-pervasive. If the flow of water is maintained pure and Holy, then the benefit of sattvik waves of Deities from the Universe in the form of Panchatattvas (The five Cosmic Principles) that are attracted to it and passed on to the individuals living in the area. This helps in purifying the atmosphere and physical bodies of the individuals. On the other hand, when the water is polluted with faeces or urine, the Raja-Tama-predominant waves from the Universe begin to get attracted to it. This pollutes the entire atmosphere. Such an act becomes a cause of dreadful diseases. Besides, drinking such water increases the chances of negative energies entering into the body.

2. Never urinate or defecate within a distance of
ten arm’s length from a water reservoir

Underlying science

Urination or defecation within ten arm’s length of a water reservoir pollutes the atmosphere, making the whole area impure and leading to many negative energies taking refuge there and filling the water with their black energy

The area adjacent to a water reservoir and within ten arm’s length is more humid, thus from the subtle perspective, it is more favorable for transmission of all types of waves associated with the Panchatattvas into the atmosphere. Supported by these humid atmospheric conditions, many enlightened souls perform spiritual practice on the banks of rivers; even souls of some ancestors dwell in the surrounding area and perform spiritual practice.

Hence, as far as possible, do not urinate or defecate on the banks of a river or a lake, because this act pollutes the atmosphere, leading to speedy, all-round dispersion of Raja-Tama-predominant waves which pollute the whole area. This serves as a good medium for negative energies to take refuge, and charges the water reservoir with black energy. Possibly all associated people will get affected by distress due to negative energy because of such contaminated water.

3. Never urinate or defecate in or near dilapidated temples

Underlying science

Urinating and defecating in the vicinity of ancient or dilapidated temples creates Raja-Tama-predominant waves and gases which pollute the Holy atmosphere

Over passage of time, the atmosphere in the area around ancient temples gets charged with the Shakti (Divine Energy) of the Deity of that temple. Though the chetana (Sentience) emitting upwards from the remnants of an ancient dilapidated temple into the atmosphere reduces, the atmosphere there too is pure, because the inferior waves related to the Pruthvitattva (Absolute Earth Principle) and Apatattva (Absolute Water Principle) of the Shakti of the Deity that have collected on earth are present in a dormant state there.

4. Never urinate or defecate near
a Yadnyavedi or a mound of bhasma (Holy ash)

Underlying science

Defecation and urination at the site of a Yadnyavedi or mound of bhasma pollutes the Holy atmosphere around the respective area

The radiance form and subtle energy oriented atmosphere exists in a concentrated form in the hollow of the Yadnyavedi (sacrificial fire pit) and mound of bhasma. Urinating or defecating responsible for generation of Raja-Tama-predominant waves and gases pollutes the atmosphere, making the action sinful.

– A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 7th December 2007, 12.50 p.m.)

5. Never urinate or defecate in the presence
of fire, sun, moon, water, a Brahman and a cow

Underlying science

It is considered a great sin to urinate or defecate in front of auspicious and Tej (Radiance) providing Shakti Principles represented by fire, sun, moon, water, a Brahman and a cow

Fire represents Divine radiance, the sun represents manifest radiance, the moon represents tranquil radiance, water represents the all-pervasive Holy action-oriented radiance associated with the Panchatattvas, the Brahman represents Brahmatej, and the cow represents the Divine flow of Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle). Therefore, it is considered a great sin to urinate and defecate in front of such auspicious and radiance providing Principles. Due to the subtle Raja-Tama-predominant waves and gases emitted by urinating and defecating, there is a possibility that a person involved in the acts will incur a sin of polluting the atmosphere that is predominant in radiance imparting factors; hence, refrain from performing such acts. – A Scholar (Through the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil, 7th December 2007, 3.03 p.m. and 3.11 p.m.)

(If urinating or defecating in the open etc. is unavoidable due to travel, adverse conditions etc., then seek God’s forgiveness and perform these acts while chanting. – Compiler)

Reference : Sanatan’s Holy Text ‘Daily Conduct and the science underlying its Acts’

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