Reason for negative energy distress centres primarily being concentrated in the head region now

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Since March 2023, the primary location for performing spiritual remedy is being found concentrated around the head region, indicating that the location of distress is associated with the brain and in turn with the actions performed by an individual.

(Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil

1. Attacks by negative energies on the chakras in the body are a reason for diseases

The six chakras in our body and the Sahasrar chakra are important to spiritual healing remedies. The vital energy required for functioning of various organs is supplied through the medium of these six chakras, as all our organs are associated with one of these chakras. If there is a repetitive obstruction in the supply of vital energy to our organs, then it leads to disease. Spiritual distress is the primary cause of the disorders that occur in human beings and out of the various spiritual distresses, negative energy distress is the main reason. To inflict distress upon human beings, negative energies attack one or more chakras and store distressing energy (black energy) in them. Therefore, the organs associated with those chakras get less supply of vital energy and their functioning gets obstructed, which manifests as disorders.

2. Using mudras and nyas to remove the obstructions in the flow of vital energy

To alleviate the disorder occurred in an organ due to obstruction in supply of vital energy to it, spiritual remedies have to be performed on the associated chakra. This supplies vital energy to the chakra and the distressing energy is destroyed. Perform the mudra related to one of the five Cosmic Principles, and perform nyas on that chakra. Also, one must repeat the chant corresponding to the Cosmic Principle. This spiritual healing remedy restores the vital energy flow to the organ and alleviates the symptoms of the disorder.

3. Changes that have occurred in the main locations of performing nyas

3 A. Adnya chakra being vital in the ability to understand the happenings in the subtle, negative energies primarily attacking the Adnya chakra of the seekers

Since past few years, while finding out the spiritual remedy for seekers, it has been noticed that the location for performing the nyas gets zeroed down to either only Adnya chakra or Adnya chakra and one more chakra along with it. Spirituality is related to happenings in the subtle. Adnya chakra is vital to perceive it. Hence the negative energies primarily attack the Adnya chakra of the seekers.

3 B. Performing spiritual remedy on eyes being more important than that on Adnya chakra

One year back I realized that it is more important to perform spiritual remedy on our eyes as compared to that on Adnya chakra. This is because we view the entire world through our eyes, due to which both benevolent as well as negative energies get easily absorbed in our body through the medium of our eyes. Eyes are associated with Absolute Fire Principle. Also, it has been noticed that when we perform spiritual remedy, even if the covering of distressing energy is removed from the Kundalini chakras, the distressing energy remains in our eyes. Finally, when spiritual remedy is performed on the eyes, the distressing energy from the body gets eliminated.

3 C. The main location for spiritual remedy being diagnosed as the left side of the head March 2023 onwards

Since March 2023, it was noticed that the primary location for spiritual remedy found during the process was not ‘Adnya chakra’ or ‘eyes’, but the ‘left side of the head’ and the spiritual remedy performed at that location was proving to be most effective. Since this location is directly related to brain and the brain controls all our actions, the negative energies attack seekers’ brain to attempt taking control of their actions. Since past 2 years, negative energies have been attacking the seekers mostly at the subtle level, but now as the spiritual practice of the seekers has increased multi-fold, the negative energies are losing. As their energy is getting depleted, they are now giving physical distress to the seekers. Attack on the brain of the seekers to take control of their actions is an example of this.

In this manner, despite negative energies changing their style of attack in accordance with time, we are still able to find the appropriate spiritual remedy by Guru’s grace. We are therefore able to defeat the negative energies and for that I pay immense gratitude unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru.

– (Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Goa (18.5.2023)

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