Innovative ‘tower’ mudra to remove subtle negative covering around one’s body

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1. Tower mudra invented by Sachchidananda Parabrahman Dr. Athavale

Sadguru Dr Mukul Gadgil displaying the mudra of joining the middle fingers of both the hands and touching the wrists to the crown on both sides, resembling a tower.

One day in September 2018, a seeker was suffering a lot due to the distress of negative energies, and hence I was performing spiritual remedy of chants on him. He was experiencing unbearable pain in his stomach, not due to any physical reason but only due to the distress caused by negative energies and despite performing spiritual remedy for 3 hours the pain was not reducing even a bit. When I informed this to Sachchidananda Parabrahman Dr. Athavale, He advised me to perform the innovative ‘Tower’ mudra (gesture) in front of Manipur chakra till the time stomach pain gets alleviated. To reduce the distress of the seeker, I did the mudra in front of my Manipur chakra along with the chanting. While performing the mudra I rested the wrists of both hands on my stomach. After performing the healing chant for 30 minutes in this manner the seeker’s stomach pain stopped completely. With this I realized the importance of the innovative ‘Tower” mudra.

2. Discovery of using ‘Tower’ mudra for removal of subtle negative covering around one’s body for the first time due to Guru’s grace

Next day again the seeker had unbearable stomach pain. Then I realized that the subtle negative covering around the seeker has spread from his Adnya chakra till his Manipur chakra. I was experiencing such spread of negative covering for the first time. I was trying to remove covering using the method ‘Removing the negative covering using fists”, however, the covering persisted. Then God suggested that I use the ’Tower’ mudra and move it starting from the head till the stomach while chanting. After performing the spiritual remedy in this way, the negative covering around the seeker’s body was eliminated within 10 minutes and his distress reduced substantially. This way I discovered the usage of ‘Tower’ mudra for eliminating the subtle negative covering. Of course, this could happen only due to Guru’s grace.

3. Need for moving the ‘Tower’ mudra over one’s body

In past when the negative energies used to attack and create negative covering, they used to create it over one chakra or two chakras at most. However, now since the intensity of the subtle war has increased, the negative energies from the 6th and 7th plane in the Hell region are attacking us. Therefore, instead of creating negative covering on just one or two chakras of our body, they are now creating the covering spanning from head to the chest or from head to the trunk thereby forming the negative covering 4 chakras (Sahasrar to Anahat) or 6 chakras (Sahasrar to Swadhishthan) respectively. Also, this covering is continuous from top to bottom. This is their attack at subtle level. Therefore, this covering cannot be eliminated by the method ‘Removing the negative covering using fist’. Moving the ‘Tower’ mudra over the body is the only suitable remedy for this.

4. Method of moving ‘Tower’ mudra over one’s body

Perform ‘Tower’ mudra by joining the middle fingers of both the hands at the tip and resting the wrists on the head on both sides. Now move this mudra over the Kundalini-chakras (from Sahasrar to Swadhishthan) from top to bottom and in reverse 7 or 8 times.

5. It is necessary to chant while moving the ‘Tower’ mudra over one’s body

Before moving ‘Tower’ mudra over one’s body, one should find out which Name should one chant through the spiritual remedy of Pranashakti flow system (Finding the places of obstruction responsible for spiritual distress or disease within one’s body by moving one’s fingers over one’s body and the chakras within the body and directing the flow of Pranashakti from the fingers. Thereafter, performing spiritual remedy by doing mudra by fingers at that place of obstacle and chanting God’s Name found through the experiment based on the intensity of the obstacles.) While moving ‘Tower’ mudra over one’s body, one should chant God’s Name found through the experiment. When this Name is chanted when performing the ‘Tower’ mudra, the vibrations of the chant flow through the tip of the joined middle fingers (through the structure of fingers formed in ‘Tower’ mudra) to the centre of the palm of both hands and then over the body. The vibrations also flow through the chakras in the body. Vibrations of the chant help in eliminating the subtle negative covering inside the body. This helps in breaking the continuous spell of negative covering formed inside and over the body. By moving the ‘Tower’ mudra 7-8 times over the body, most of negative covering gets eliminated. Remaining negative covering can then be removed using the technique of ‘Removing the subtle negative covering using fists’ (Collecting the distressing negative covering formed over the body in the fists of both hands and throwing it away from the body).

– (Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Ph.D., Goa (29.6.2023)

‘Tower’ mudra as well as ‘Mountain’ mudra placed on Sahasrar chakra helps in eliminating the distress due to negative energies quickly

‘Seekers are already experiencing how effective the ‘Tower’ mudra is in eliminating the distressing negative energy covering formed over the body. While chanting God’s Name found through the experiment, when one moves the ‘Tower’ mudra slowly from Sahasrar chakra to Swadhisthan chakra in both upwards and downwards direction for 5-6 times, the negative covering formed over one’s body gets eliminated. While performing spiritual remedy using ‘Tower’ mudra, I realized one more benefit of it.

I observed that after removing the negative covering formed over the body, when one places the ‘Tower’ mudra on one’s Sahasrar chakra, i.e., on one’s head as shown in the picture above, for 4-5 minutes and chants God’s Name, then the distress caused by the negative energies gets eliminated quickly. This is because, due to the collective effect of the ‘Tower’ mudra placed on Sahasrar chakra and the chanting, the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) obtained from God enters through Brahmarandhra and spreads to all the chakras and throughout one’s body. This accelerates the elimination of the distress caused by negative energies.

While experiencing this effect of ‘Tower’ mudra I recollected that during ancient times Sages used to place Their hands straight above Their head in namaskar mudra when performing penance. This is known as ‘Mountain’ mudra. When I performed this mudra, I realized that even through this mudra the flow of Chaitanya gets directed to our body in large proportion. This mudra too helps in rapidly eliminating the distress caused by negative energies.

-(Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Ph.D., Goa (14.6.2023)

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