Spiritual problems faced by an individual can only be cured through remedies performed at spiritual level!

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80% of problems in an individual’s life are due to spiritual causes. These problems include physical and mental disorders. Since the causes of these disorders are 80% spiritual in nature, these disorders are primarily cured by performing appropriate spiritual remedies only. These spiritual remedies are the mudras (Hand posture used for directing the flow of spiritual energy), nyas (Focusing of energy flow through the medium of the fingers joined together at the tips) and chant found through the Pranashakti flow therapy. Let us understand the various spiritual causes of disorders and how do the spiritual remedies help in getting rid of the disorders through this article.

(Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil

1. Spiritual causes of disorders and their remedies

1a. Distress caused by negative energies

1a.1. Symptoms

a. Physical

Feeling of weakness (low vital energy), physical pain, heaviness in head, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, disorders in various parts of the body (eyes, stomach, etc.) without any reason, feeling strangulated or pressure on the chest, stiffness in the neck or the back, frequent appearance of lice in the hair, failure to cure the disorder even after several months of medication and specific diet etc.

b. Psychological

Getting angry on anyone or getting irritated without reason; feeling restless with negative or hopeless thoughts; being constantly stressed; excessive timidity; feeling lethargic; a sudden increase in one’s own desires and expectations from others, etc.

1a.2. Reasons
1a.2.a Lack of spiritual practice and high ego and personality defects

In this era of Kaliyug, there is a deterioration in abiding by Dharma. Due to this, the distress of negative energies have increased manifold. The reasons for the deterioration in abiding by Dharma are that majority of the people do not perform spiritual practice and they have high personality defects and ego. Such people move away from the God principle. Being distanced from the God principle, it becomes easy for negative energies to distress them. It becomes easy for negative energies to create a place in their bodies. The higher the amount of personality defects and ego in a person, the more intense the distress they suffer from evil energies.

1a.2.b Samashti sadhana (Efforts made for spiritual progress of the people in the society)

With the objective of inculcating sattvikta in the society for establishing Divine kingdom, the seekers of Sanatan are undertaking efforts (collective spiritual practice) for turning materialistic society towards spiritual practice. Once people in the society start performing spiritual practice, they abide by Dharma and Divine kingdom gets established automatically. This is precisely what the negative energies do not want; therefore they are repeatedly giving distress to the seekers of Sanatan who are doing samashti sadhana. Apart from seekers of Sanatan, few other people who are doing samashti sadhana in society, are also being distressed by negative energies. The most of the distress that all of them face is not due to individual reasons, but because they are doing samashti sadhana.

1a.2.c Negative energies attack the human body at the level of five cosmic principles and causes imbalance of the five cosmic principles in the body.

The human body is made up of Panchatattva (The five cosmic principles) namely Pruthvi (Absolute Earth Principle), Apa (Absolute Water Principle), Tej (Absolute Fire Principle), Vayu (Absolute Air Principle) and Akash (Absolute Ether Principle). Negative energies attack the human body at the level of the Panchatattvas and cause imbalance of the Panchatattvas in the body.

1a.3. Remedy
1a.3.a Importance of performing spiritual remedy of identifying obstructions in Pranashakti flow system

Negative energies create a place for themselves in a person and then emit and store distressing energy (black energy) at that place. This distressing energy creates an obstruction in the Pranashakti (Chetana) flow system. Various systems in our body carry out functions such as blood circulation, respiration, digestion etc. Pranashakti flow system is the one that provides energy to these systems as well as for the functioning of the mind. If this energy gets obstructed at any place, disorders arise due to reduced efficiency of the related organs. The spiritual healings for these disorders are the mudra, nyas and chants found through the Pranashakti flow system therapy.

(Detailed information on ‘Pranashakti flow system remedies’ is given in Sanatan’s books ‘How to identify obstructions in the Pranashakti (Chetana) flow system for curing ailments?’ and ‘Spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Pranashakti flow system ‘. – Compiler)

1a.3.b Importance of mudra, nyas and chanting
1.a.3.b.1 Importance of performing mudra

When fingers touch each other or are bunched or folded in a specific manner, different patterns are created. These patterns are termed mudras. The human body is made up of the Panchatattvas namely Pruthvi, Apa, Tej, Vayu and Akash. Specific mudras are associated with the Panchatattvas.

1a.3.b.2 Importance of chanting along with mudra

Negative energies attack the human body at the level of the Panchatattvas. Every Deity has dominance over one of the five cosmic elements. Chanting the Name of the presiding Deity of that cosmic element and performing the mudra associated with that cosmic element is helpful in warding off attacks present at the level of that cosmic element.

1a. 3. b. 3 Importance of performing nyas along with mudra

Making a specific mudra using the fingers and touching the body with this mudra at the location of Kundalini-chakras or at other places is termed as nyas. Nyas must performed at a distance of 1-2 cms from the body. The positive energy imbibed through the mudra spreads throughout the body, while through nyas, that positive energy can be directed to a specific place in the body. In short, nyas helps in faster resolution of the distress as it allows more energy to be directed at the place associated with the distress.

1.a.3.b.4 Finding the obstruction in the flow of Pranashakti means finding the location for performing nyas

If there is an obstruction in the Pranashakti flow system and the fingers of the hand are moved around the location of obstruction, then the obstruction breaks the flow of Pranashakti projected from the fingers and the breathing gets stopped. In this way the location of the obstruction can be accurately found. Nyas should be performed from the distance of 1-2 cms from that location. This location is called as ‘nyassthan’. Negative energies primarily attack the Kundalini chakras and store their distressing energy at that location due to which obstructions get created in the Kundalini chakras. Once the obstructions are created, the related organs receive less vital energy and the health deteriorates. To remove this obstruction, it is necessary to move the fingers around the Kundalini chakras to find the location of obstruction. Similarly, obstructions in various Energy channels have to be found out. For this, one must move the fingers around all body parts such as head, neck, chest, stomach, hands, legs etc., except the location of chakras, to find the exact location of obstruction.

1.b. Distress caused by unsatisfied ancestors

Nowadays, as there is no joint family system, the culture of respecting elders is disappearing. Leave apart respecting, many do not even treat their parents well. Post death of such elders, the family gets curses of the ancestors. Also, most of the people are unable to perform Shraddha (Special ritual performed for the departed ancestors) and rituals such as Paksha in gratitude towards their ancestors. Therefore, such families suffer from distress caused by unsatisfied ancestors’ souls. Failure to conceive, miscarriage, premature birth, birth of mentally retarded child or child with disability are some of the indications of distress caused by distress due to unsatisfied ancestors’ souls in a family. Also, some may have other symptoms of distress such as addiction, mental disorders, physical disorders like skin disease etc. Chanting the Name of Deity Datta is beneficial in getting protection against the distress caused by the departed ancestors.

Apart from chanting the Name of Deity Datta as a solution to the root cause of these problems, it would be additionally beneficial if the remedy found through Pranashakti flow system method is also prescribed for these problems.


2. Various aspects noted while performing spiritual healing

2a. Removing the black energy covering around the body is a prerequisite before performing spiritual remedy

When inflicting distress on any person, the negative energy emits distressing energy and creates black energy covering around one of his Kundalini chakras. Later this covering expands and encompasses his entire body, externally as well. Once the black energy covering is created, the existing distress level of the individual gets magnified. Because of the presence of the black energy covering, no matter how much chanting and other spiritual remedies the person performs to alleviate the physical, mental or spiritual distress, the sattvik vibrations from those remedies do not reach the person to a sufficient extent and his distress does not get eliminated quickly. Even a medical treatment is not effective due to the black energy covering. Hence it is important to remove the black covering around our body.

2b. Until the distress is completely gone, it is necessary to repeatedly find the location of the obstruction in the flow of Pranashakti and to continue performing spiritual healing at that location

After performing spiritual remedy on the location identified for performing nyas, the obstruction (distress) gets eliminated. Then one needs to check for the presence of obstruction anywhere else in the Pranashakti flow system and if present spiritual remedy needs to be performed at that location as well. The mudra and chant for that location also must be determined. In this way, one needs to repeat this process again and again to make sure that there is no other obstacle in the Pranashakti flow system, only then the distress can be completely eliminated. Negative energies attack more than one chakras and store distressing energy at those locations. Therefore, one must find all those affected locations, perform spiritual remedy at those locations and cleanse them of the distressing energy. When we perform spiritual remedy at a particular location, we feel that the obstacle at that location has been removed, however, in reality the negative energies would have changed their position to deceive us. Therefore, the location of the obstacle must be determined again and again.

2c. It is important to understand the strategy of attack of the negative energies in subtle dimensions and to impart spiritual healing accordingly

Once, a seeker found out the mudra, nyas and chant and was doing spiritual remedy on himself. Even after two hours of remedy, he felt that there was no reduction in the distress. He therefore informed me about it. When I started to search for the spiritual remedy, I realized that the negative energies are directing a continuous flow of distressing energy on top of his head. That is why no matter how much spiritual remedy he performed, his distress was not reducing.

Once, when a seeker was doing spiritual remedy on himself, the negative energies created a screen of distressing (black) energy in front of him. Due to this, his distress was not reducing. Another seeker was doing spiritual remedy on himself and a distressing energy was flowing towards him directed from the floor and it was coming from the hell region. Due to this, his distress was also not reducing. Therefore, while performing spiritual remedy, it is necessary to understand the direction of the attack of the negative energies from the subtle dimensions and perform the remedies accordingly to get rid of the distress effectively.

2d. At the end of the spiritual healing session, it is important to remove the black energy from our eyes

Even if the black energy from all our chakras is completely removed after performing the spiritual remedy, ultimately it is necessary to remove the distressful energy from our eyes, else the negative energies will acquire that place easily to attack us. As we begin to remove the distressing energy from our eyes, the remaining distressing energy from our body also leaves as if it is getting pulled out from that place. Hence, we feel even more lighter. Sometimes we may feel aggravated pressure on one of our chakras and increase in distress as we expel the distressing energy from the eyes. This is when the black energy hidden in that place (placed at the nirgun level) by the negative energy manifests. As a result of this, we can perform spiritual remedy at that location. As the negative energies leave our eyes, our eyes feel lighter, and our vision becomes clear. When this happens, we can consider the spiritual remedy session to be complete. This is another benefit of performing spiritual remedy on our eyes.


3. Summary

In this way by doing accurate spiritual remedy we can overcome our spiritual distress. Depending on the intensity of distress, the period required to eliminate the distress might be shorter or longer. By performing spiritual remedy, any existing treatment like medication, psychotherapy etc. reaps complete benefit and in a short time. When our distress gets cured by doing spiritual remedies such as chanting etc. it helps in strengthening our faith in God. Also, the importance of doing sadhana in our life gets reinforced through the benefits of spiritual remedies. I pray unto the Holy feet of Gurudev that ‘let everyone realize the importance of such spiritual remedies.’

– (Sadguru) Dr. Mukul Gadgil, Ph.D., Goa.

Negative energies

There are good and evil energies that are active in the environment. Good energies assist humans in the good work, while negative energies trouble humans. In earlier times, the negative energies in the form of demons, spirit of a deceased persons would trouble Sages. Sages recited Mantras to ward off such negative energies and to prevent black magic etc. Various spiritual remedies are mentioned in the Vedic scriptures to relieve from the distress caused by negative energies.

Spiritual distress

It means the negative vibrations in the person. A person having 50 percent or more negative vibrations means severe distress, 30 to 49 percent negative vibrations means moderate distress, and less than 30 percent means mild spiritual distress. Spiritual distress is due to spiritual reasons such as one’s destiny, distress caused by ancestors’ souls etc. Saints or seekers who can sense subtle vibrations can diagnosed Spiritual distress.


The gross organs of a person are the five visible senses which are the nose, ears, eyes, tongue and skin. What is beyond these five senses, and beyond the mind and intellect, is ‘subtle’. These ‘subtle’ sensations can be felt by some persons who progress spiritually by performing spiritual practice. The knowledge of this ‘Sukshma’ is mentioned in various scriptures.

Subtle seeing, hearing etc. (Enlightenment through the five subtle senses)

In some seekers; inner vision is awakened i.e. they can see in the subtle dimension, while others can hear subtle sounds or words.

The spiritual experiences published here are the personal experiences of the seekers as per the principle ‘Where there is spiritual emotion there is God’. It is not necessary that everyone would get such spiritual experiences in the same manner. – Editor

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