The Shrikrushnamai temple in Mahabaleshwar

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The Shrikrushnamai temple in Mahabaleshwar – extremely neglected by the Archaeological Department !

The neglected temple of Shrikrushnamai at Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleahwar is a famous hill station and a well-known tourist destination in the Satara district of Maharashtra. Old Mahabaleshwar is also known as a pilgrimage place and has ancient and colossal temples of Shri Mahabaleshwar, Shri Panchaganga and Shri Krushnadevi. All Hindu tourists visit Shri Mahabaleshwar and Shri Panchaganaga temples, however, very few visit Shrikrushnamai temple which is located just behind Shri Mahabaleshwar temple at a short walking distance. While visiting Mahabaleshwar on an official duty, I could visit the temple and pay obeisance to Shri Krishnamai. Given further are some points I observed.


1. History and special features of the temple

1. The Krushnamai temple is the origin of river Krushna. This temple is sacred and charged with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) and a place of pilgrimage where the divinity in the Deity is in an ‘awakened’ state. The entire temple is made of stone.

2. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple has a huge Shivalinga. There is continuous flow of water beneath the linga and this is the source of river Krushna.

3. Seekers who perform chanting or mediation here can experience the Divine consciousness quite easily. If one chants Om loudly, then one can perceive its vibrations easily.

4. There is a water tank opposite the sanctum sanctorum with a continuous flow of water from a gomukh (Spout in shape of the mouth of a cow). This water flows further in form of a river. This water flowing from the gomukh is indeed the tirtha (Holy water) charged with Divine consciousness.

5. The natural beauty in front of the temple is exquisite.

This temple is presently under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological department, however it looks obvious that the temple is totally neglected by it. The peak of the temple and the wall on back side of the temple is completely deteriorated and there are no signs of any restoration activity or repairs being carried out.


2. Reasons for the temple being neglected and poor tourist inflow to the temple

Millions of tourists visit Mahabaleshwar every year but very few of them visit the Shrikrushnamai temple. The reasons for this are as follows.

1. There is no mention of Shrikrushnamai temple in the list of tourist spots.

2. The road to the temple is unpaved. Proper approach road to the temple has not been constructed by the local administration. The steps in some places are rough. Even the steps in the entrance of actual temple premises are made of stone only. .

The narrow path to the Shrikrushnamai temple

3. The local guides do not take tourists to this place.

4. Atheist Hindus : The Hindus who visit this temple give more priority to spending time in the strawberry gardens while on the way and watching the scenic beauty in front of the temple and on clicking photographs.

5. The Archaelogical department is neither undertaking any efforts in preventing the detoriation of the temple nor allowing others to renovate it.

6. There is no informatory board, explaining the importance of the temple, either near the temple or on its way.


3. O Hindus to preserve the places charged with Chaitanya that are also monuments of our pride, follow up this matter with the Archaeological department

Although the Archaeological department of Government of India has responsibility of preserving the historical monuments across the country, it is only taking control of the ancient and historic places and temples of Hindus, however, it it is showing indifference towards the maintenance of these places which are a symbol of the glory of Hindus. The Archaeological department has taken thousands of historic and religious places into its custody till date.

O Hindus, we should insist on the Archaeological Department to preserve the splendor of the places that symbolize our pride. Before historic and religious sites and temples which are the source of Divine consciousness get destroyed, we should wake up and create social awareness regarding these sites that are neglected by the Archaeological department through pro-Hindu periodicals such as the Sanatan Prabhat and other media of communication. Hindus should persuade Archeological department in taking necessary steps for preserving the glory of our monuments of pride.

-Mr. Ravindra Bansode, Bhandup

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