The mystery of the missing roof of the ancient Shri Shikarimata temple still unsolved !

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The temple constructed by the Pandavs when in Adnyatvas (The period when they remained in disguise while in exile)

The temple of Shri Shikarimata

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) – Several people have tried to construct a roof for the temple of Shri Shikarimata situated on a mountain peak in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh, however all attempts till date have failed. This temple was constructed by the Pandavs when in exile. They had deliberately not constructed the roof for the temple and had installed the idol of the Deity under the open skies.

This temple is situated 2850 metres above sea level. When in exile the Pandavs had performed intense austerities after which Devi was appeased and had blessed them with victory over the Kauravs in the war. It is believed that the Pandavs constructed this temple when leaving this place. This area used to be a dense forest and a dwelling of hunters. Before leaving for a hunt, these hunters would offer obeisance to the Devi and they would attain success. Ever since She got the Name of Shikarimata.

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