A diagram which facilitates a property sale

‘Presently seekers are experiencing several problems in selling off their property. So I prayed to Bhagwan Shrikrushna asking for a remedy to eradicate all obstacles in the sale of property, after which He suggested a yantra for it. Given here is a 3×3 inch figure of the yantra. Get a coloured print of this yantra on a blank sheet of white paper. Fix it at a height of 5 feet from the ground on the north-western wall of the property/house. (If there is a bathroom/toilet to the north-west then exclude that part when affixing the yantra.) Place it on an auspicious day as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Offer lit incense sticks to it every day and pray as follows – ‘May all obstacles in sale of this property be eliminated as soon as possible and may it be sold soon’. After the sale offer gratitude to the yantra and offer it to the fire (burn it).

-Mr Dhananjay Karve (1.2.2021)


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