How Kaliyuga affects us and what to do about it

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There are helpful as well as negative energies at work in the environment. The helpful (benevolent) energies assist human beings in their good deeds while the negative energies trouble them. There are various stories in our Holy texts regarding the obstacles caused by demons in the sacrificial fires performed by the Sages during the ancient times. In Atharvaveda, there are various mantras mentioned to keep away negative energies like demons, spirits, etc.

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1. How Kaliyuga affects us

1 A. Kaliyug is inundated with the Tama component.

1 B. Not performing spiritual practice and living a life devoid of spiritual remedies is to do oneself a great harm. This results in getting entangled in the vicious cycle of birth and death.

1 C. The composition of the six foes (shadripu / six defects) in the human beings varies from person to person. In Kaliyug, since the influence of these six defects on the human beings is greater, an individual feels jealous about others and in addition he has expectations and attachments towards various things. All these thoughts are desire oriented.

1 D. In Kaliyug, 70% of the mind of the human beings is occupied with the feeling of indecision. The thoughts occurring in their mind and the ones which get expressed both are Tama oriented.

1 E. The storm of the Tama-predominant thoughts has its Raja-Tama oriented effect on the human beings. Effect of defects such as lust, anger and greed of one individual occur on other individuals and the evil-eye gets cast on such individuals (for whom the desire-oriented Raja-Tama-predominant thoughts erupt) with the intensity proportionate to the intensity of the thoughts.


2. Types of spiritual distress

2 A. Effect of evil-eye

The ritual of applying a small mark of kajal to a baby’s face is followed even today. Some old women still follow the custom of casting off the evil-eye from the visitors using a lemon. When such customs are preserved and are being followed for centuries, we should understand that there has to be some science behind them. In today’s competitive and materialistic world, most of the people are affected by defects such as jealousy, hatred, desire for fame, looking at individuals of other gender with bad intent etc. These pernicious Raja-Tama oriented vibrations unknowingly have an ill-effect on the other individuals in a subtle way. This is known as evil-eye effect on those individuals.

In current times, problems such as clashes in the family, physical/mental disorders, financial instability, nightmares, depression, addiction to smoking and alcohol etc., have become quite common. Although the visible causes of 80% of these problems may seem to be of gross nature, the root cause of these problems is from the subtle dimension, i.e. negative energy distress. Distress caused by negative energy is also a form of evil-eye.

Therefore, if we want to lead a happy life devoid of problems, adopting an easy spiritual home remedy of casting off the evil-eye is always effective. In today’s scientific world, the moment we utter the words evil-eye effect and casting off the evil-eye, the intellectuals will tag them as old-fashioned mumbo-jumbo and walk away. So a concept is only accepted when it is explained in scientific terms.

Considering the importance of casting off the evil-eye, more and more people should perform this remedy on oneself to eliminate the covering of distressful vibrations formed around oneself and obtain the benefit of Divine frequencies from the universe by performing spiritual practice.

2 A 1. What is meant by evil-eye ?

a. The ill-effect of Raja-Tama predominant desires of an individual over others is known as evil-eye – Through the medium of Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, 10.8.2004, 7.24 pm.

One of the examples of above is the evil-eye effect on a baby. After looking at a cute smiling face of a baby, some people unconsciously get a thought of attachment towards the baby. These thoughts of attachment are predominantly Rajasik and Tamasik in nature. Since the subtle body of a baby is quite sensitive, these Raja-Tama vibrations have an ill-effect on the baby, which indicates that the baby has got affected by the evil-eye.

b. At times, an individual or negative energy has a bad thought regarding a person or an object, or one is unable to bear the prosperity of that person. The negative vibrations which get generated due to this thought have an ill-effect on that person or the object, which is called as ‘evil-eye effect’.

If the extent of the jealous and hateful thoughts borne in one’s mind towards another individual is greater than 30%, then one’s severe evil-eye will affect the other individual. Based on the intensity of the evil-eye, the other individual will have to bear more distress at a psychological level than at the physical level. This is called as occurrence of evil-eye effect at subtle level. – Through the medium of Shrichitshakti (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil, 23.5.2009

2 B. Reason behind distress caused by dissatisfied souls of deceased ancestors and the nature of the distress

One of the Divine principles of our Hindu Dharma is to repay one’s debt towards God, Sages, ancestors and society. Performing the ritual of Shraddha is important in repaying our debt towards our ancestors.

Shraddha is the ritual that imparts momentum to the souls of the deceased parents and close relatives and makes their afterlife journey happy and devoid of any grief. The mantras recited in the ritual of Shraddha possess subtle power to provide momentum to the souls of the deceased ancestors. During Shraddha, offering is given to the deceased ancestors’ souls and thereby they get satisfied. On the contrary, if the ritual of Shraddha is not performed, the desires of the deceased ancestors remain unfulfilled. Also, such ancestors’ souls, which are full of desires, get trapped in the control of the negative energies and become their slaves. With this, there is a high probability of negative energies using the medium of the ancestors’ souls to cause distress to the family members of these ancestors. By performing Shraddha, the ancestors’ souls get liberated from this distress and thereby our life also becomes bearable.

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3. Difference between physical and spiritual distress

Physical sufferings of the human beings end with their death; however, their spiritual distress continues in subsequent births. Such distress should be eliminated by performing regular spiritual practice, casting off the evil-eye from time to time and performing other spiritual remedies. Only then in Kaliyuga can one lead a happy, peaceful and satisfying life.


4. What to do about this

In Kaliyuga, since the environment is charged with Tama oriented thoughts, every individual gets affected by evil-eye from time to time. Therefore, it is beneficial for an individual to constantly keep the atmosphere around oneself clean by performing spiritual practice and only breathe in such pure environment thereby deriving required benefit from the Chaitanya (Divine consciousness).


5. Importance of leading an aware life

Although all these points mentioned above may not be convincing to the rationalists, these are eternal truth. We must accept them. In Kaliyuga, one should lead one’s life knowing the danger from the negative energies that are present in large numbers, at every step.

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