Spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Pranashakti flow system


        To mankind, Pranashakti (Chetana) is a life-imparting Shakti (Energy). It is used in therapies such as ‘Pyramid therapy’, ‘Reiki treatment’ etc.

        In this Holy text too, the science of curing diseases using Pranashakti in specific ways has been elaborated. In this therapy, mudra (A posture for directing the flow of spiritual energy) formed with the fingers and chanting God’s Name are key factors.

        Each finger of the human hand represents a Panchamahabhuta – Pruthvi (Absolute Earth), Apa (Absolute Water), Tej (Absolute Fire), Vayu (Absolute Air) and Akash (Absolute Ether). Inform-ation on the fingers and the associated Mahabhuta is taken from the Holy text ‘Sharadatilak’ (Analysis on Chapter 23, Shloka 106) and ‘Swaravidnyan’.

        Making a mudra and using it to perform nyas at various Kundalini-chakras (Centres of dormant spiritual energy in the subtle-body) or on different organs, is a part of Prannashakti (Chetana) flow therapy. From ancient times, we have been asked to perform the matruka nyas in Mantrayoga. This involves performing nyas at different organs of the body using the fingers and the palm.

        Spirituality is a practical science, that has experimentation as well as creation. Whenever I used the knowledge available in Hindu Dharma, I made it a point to study these aspects curiously. I conducted experiments on the ways of finding obstructions in the flow of Pranashakti, different mudras, nyas and Namjap and had associated experiences. Many  seekers experimented with this therapy. Upon realising its benefits, this was compiled in the form of a Holy text.

        We request readers to inform us about their special experiences pertaining to this therapy. God Himself has got this task accomplished; hence, I express gratitude unto His Holy feet.


Essence of the therapy

        Various systems such as the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system function in the human body. Energy required for the functioning of these systems as well as the mind is provided by the flow of Pranashakti. Whenever there are obstructions in the flow of Pranashakti, the ability of the associated organ to function reduces and leads to some ailment of that organ. At such times any amount of medicines from various types of treatment such as Ayurveda, Allopathy will not help much. In such cases, the only remedy is to eliminate the obstr-uction in the flow of Pranashakti, which is discharged through the finger tips. Using this energy to cure our ailments is the essence of this therapy.


A relatively fail-safe therapy

        Negatives energies that cause distress to individuals frequently change the point of origin of an ailment. At such times, it is not possible to provide accurate treatment to the patient by methods such as Acupressure, in which the pressure point associated with the ailment needs to be pressed. In the Pranashakti flow therapy, the location of the obstruction is identified easily and hence, it is possible to provide accurate treatment.


A self-sufficient therapy

Methods of treatment such as Acupressure therapy, Reflexology, Pyramid therapy, Magnet therapy will be important for curing diseases, especially during the coming adverse times, when there will be scarcity of normal medical aid. In treatments such as Acupressure, Reflexology advice of experts from these fields is essential. In Pyramid therapy, Magnet therapy special instruments are required. In contrast, Pranashakti flow therapy is self-sufficient to a large extent; for, it needs neither any external help nor any instrument.

– Dr. Athavale


1. Finding the obstructions in the flow of
Pranashakti (Finding the spot for the nyas)

1A. While finding the spot with the fingers, it is important to pay attention to where you feel breathless. Those who suffer from distress due to negative energies should chant while finding the spot; for, there is a possibility of the distressing energy entering their body through the fingers.

1B. There is one Kundalini-chakra associated with each organ. Pranashakti in the universe is imbibed by the Kundalini-chakras and through these it is transported to the respective organs. When there is an obstruction in a Kundalini-chakra, organs associated with that chakra are starved of Pranashakti. Negative energies mainly attack Kundalini-chakras, and store distressing energy in them, resulting in obstructions in the Kundalini-chakras. Hence, it is necessary to find the spot to perform nyas in the region of Kundalini-chakras by moving the fingers over them.

1C. Whether there are obstructions at the Kundalini-chakras or not, there could still be obstructions in various nadis (Energy channels). As a result, the associated organs experience distress; for example – feeling breathless. At such times, to find the obstructions in the nadis, move away from the region of the chakras and move the fingers over all the organs such as the head, throat, chest, stomach, ADVThands and feet.

1D. Sometimes upays (Healing) takes place while finding the spot. Due to the upays, there are symptoms of distress (Such as yawning, belching, experiencing distressing sensation on the skin etc.). In such cases, that spot too should be considered suitable for performing nyas.

1E. If you are unable to find the spot using the fingers of the right hand, use the left hand.

1F. If you are unable to find the obstructions in the flow of Pranashakti in the Kundalini-chakras or other parts of the body using the fingers of one hand, hold both the hands in a manner that the back of one hand rests on the palm of the other, and try to locate the spot using the fingers of both the hands. It is by using fingers of both the hands, that the amount of Pranashakti flow is more.

        As a result, the spot of the obstruction is recognised even if the extent of the obstruction is little, and we are able to treat the precise point.

1G. At times, while moving the fingers to find the spot, we may experience severe distress such as a feeling of vomiting, breathlessness. This distress is because of moving the fingers in a direction opposite to the natural movement of the organs. One example is – The movement of the large intestine is from the bottom right side, straight up to the ribcage and from there towards the ribcage on the left side and then down to the left side of the stomach. Moving the fingers against this direction causes intolerable distress. Whenever such distress is experienced, you can safely conclude that the direction of the movement of the fingers is wrong.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text Spiritual remedies on ailments caused by obstructions in the Prānashakti flow system 

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