More than 260 airports in the world at risk of getting submerged due to sea level rise triggered by rising temperature

As compared to year 2000, sea level
in the year 2100 could be higher by 8.2 feet

Modern science is responsible for the increased temperature,however the so- called rationalists and forward minded people will never agree to it.

New Delhi – Rising sea levels threaten to disrupt flights at hundreds of airports around the world, according to a new study. It also said that sea levels could be 8.2 feet higher in 2100 than in 2000.

1. According to research published in a Meteorological journal, more than 260 coastal airports around the world are at risk of flooding, and more than a dozen airports could go below sea level by the end of the century.

2. Rising global temperatures between now and the year 2100 could cause hundreds of more airports to be threatened by rising sea levels. Airports in Asia and the Pacific rank at the top in this list.

3. Researchers have considered several factors to create the list of airports. Based on study done on flooding triggered by rising sea levels, protection from flood and its impact on flights operations, they have found that this can affect up to one-fifth of air travel.

4. Rise in the sea levels are caused by increase in sea temperature and higher atmospheric temperatures. Glaciers and glaciers melt due to rising temperatures. Greenhouse gas emissions cause a further rise in temperature. Extreme weather conditions can be catastrophic, and disastrous storms can occur.

Reference : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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